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Cool let's do it all right i messages from kevin he says since you guys are movie buffs just like the rest of us listen this wonderful podcast i was wondering what you guys think of the oscar outcomes also why this christopher nolan always get the short end of the stick when it comes to those awards and my mind he's one of the best directors out there well i have not watched the oscars ten years i couldn't care less to be honest well i thought it was cool that the that the that the fish sex movie one fish monster sex movie won best picture that'll be there forever ending yeah grinding neva so yeah that was cool jordan pills lord was cool what else what did you think i don't fuck i think that it's it's here i mean it's i don't mind the idea of rewarding good work and rewarding hard work and in giving people do you know notoriety and attention like someone greta gerwig who's not gonna be able to go on to make more movies or someone like gear modell toro is not gonna be able to make more movies like i like that obviously give people some do so that they can keep making rad art but we put so much stock in the oscars like it actually means something and i think that's what i have a problem with all it means really is financing that's all it is it's if you're nominated or if you win then you now have the clout to go and and use that act to hopefully bigger and better or maybe even more interesting more intricate things but that's sort of on the industry side of it from the like the spectacle side of it like as far as this oscars was concerned i'm not a huge jimmy kimmel.

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