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Our body turns those metaphors into very littoral states and that's where they get their power from one we are disgusted by some appalling act we truly are feeling a bad taste in her mouth and feeling sick to stomachs and feel and queasy and that gives them an enormous power for better or worse what intrigues you about what you call are a unique neurons in the brain that we share with evolution's mensah club the other apes elephant sensation think whales dolphins and porpoises these are these neurons called vaughn economy kanemoto noor on some people discovered them a wild back in the human frontal cortex and this was hugely exciting because the human brain isn't the human brain because we've invented new types of neurons and new types of neurotransmitters for the most part you know where we get our specialness from mistress the sheer quantity of neurons but this turned out to be arguably the first class of neurons that were unique to humans oh my god that is so interesting even more interesting the parts of the brain they were exclusively found in that insular cortex with moral discussed something called the anterior cingulate central to empathy feeling somebody else's pain these are noorani's that are just up to their ears in human specific metaphor but then as you say people looked at and they pop up in some other species and it's like an allstar team of social complexity other primates whales dolphins elephants and all the species out there that are doomed the most complex things socially seemed to have these neurons and people are still trying to figure out exactly what they're doing whether or not they abstract like we do the up the up and they were probably not the only symbolic species but anything in any other species just the first.

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