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And she goes no nobody's ever noticed one wonders about the downstream impact of that is like, you know by the time she's dead. Already with that hippie wearing out would be in other words, like, you know, a lot of function in one of our legs like that. It's a serious business body mechanics makes a lot of sense. She's a three-year-old girl can't speak for herself necessarily. Thank God her mom brought her in but there are a lot of adults present company probably included who probably walking around with nagging issues and wondering it's chronic. It'll never go away. What do we say to those people chronic issues, you know, I'll often have people come in and they're you know fifty or something and they got old football injuries from college or high school or whatever and they've never really recovered and you know the question is it is it is it is it ever too late? Yes, the answer to that is yes, basically when the injury has not moved from a functional problem to an anatomical problem. Then it is no longer appropriate in my office. So in other words if that hip joint has job. Generated to the point where you need a hip replacement. Then you need a hip replacement. I can't put cartilage back where there isn't any however, it's always a really great choice and someone comes in and they've got, you know aches and pains somewhere from some injury at some point and I say, you know mostly I mean, we're in the Boston area where in the medical Mecca of the world. So most people have pretty good medical care and they have had all of this checked out many of them have had p t or tried all kinds of things and they show up and they still have this nagging complaint wage and you know, it's always really good news for me. If in fact they have had X-rays or MRIs or whatever that show that it is not an anatomical problem. It is not degenerated to a point where it is beyond just a functional correction. I have a question about injuries because obviously you're making a lot of sense when you have somebody whose name. Was he or she has fallen down on the field, but for a lot of people they don't remember ever being quote unquote injured. In other words that we just been walking or sitting the wrong way for forty years of that kind of stuff. I'm wondering about actually I want to talk about the uniqueness of human biomechanics for a second like really simple. There are a couple of things that make us uniquely Thursday and then species with uniquely vulnerable kind of like, you know, there's blessings and burdens here. The most remarkable thing is that we walk on two legs. So standing on two legs was a miraculous feat anti-gravity feet. So walking around on two legs already brings wage with it enormous Peril. It is inherently not a stable way to move around but what it did was it freed up the hands-free dog? Arms in the hands to allow us to do very complex things that other animals on this planet can't do and we there's one thing in particular that we can do that the other primates can't and that is something called o position. So that is the ability to bring the finger and the thumb together and like the sign of okay. So that allows us to have a pincer grip it allows us to hold a pencil and that walking on two legs the pincer grip freeing up our upper extremities off. Our big gigantic brains have really catapulted us into Global power For Better or For Worse in some cases. I wish certain individuals in the species have that kind of structure and body mechanics, but go ahead. I love it. When we look at biomechanics at lydian Chiropractic when we look at the file went dead..

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