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Oversee cameron didn't want term net. Three saying obviously hamilton didn't want it to be a thing. Either she was either written out of it or she didn't they must have approached. they must have. That's the that's the whole cans ever date your lead actress. Mary her career alley. But the kim. Kim says at at tim talk. Hi tim good to see you. These guys do a great stream. They'll have you on the they have to. Have you know i sent. I thought i sent the link to him. I must tim's talk says a hoy. Or hello to cam kim. Yup they are awesome. Rumor has it. they are replicates. I'm a hundred man lady wide receiver man lady. I am a man lady. It makes no sense in stone guy. No okay and so i guess that brings us to now. Tony you've seen genesis. Yes yet many times sadly really difficult saturday. I'll never naci she off of them. I've seen twice no up side the difficult to see them with The gabriel in a yes hilarious. I have the The the major board game that came for that movie of let me find it real quick it it is way more. Awesome the actual. But don't you think that the change of john connor from being injected or assimilated sky net and then being sent back in time in some like the whole thing is is is bad. It's bad walk. You know what genesis. I like the first half of it. And then the rest of the bitten in the The supermarket place closed shop. Wave one thousand come in and and then on the only only destroys the other. ta i love that. I love the unauthorized up to the bit. Where on the skydiving thing in the other elegant up by portion auction everything else. There's it is it is like going. It's like going to a pub and hearing someone like a pub band. Do a cover song of a movie and then once they are of a song like they're doing really great. They're playing come on. Eileen like. nobody's business and then all of a sudden they start playing their own stuff halfway through the set and all a par kick murphy's but now as a crazy idea if took if you took the best parts of genesis and the and the and the best parts of fighting wished him together could use a good movie. Yes and here's where my brain went i. Amelia clark is sarah connor and linda. Hamilton is sarah connor. Having them meet would be amazing and interesting. Full circle considering the father of john. Connor is from the future meets sarah connor of the past but for sarah connor of the past to meet future sarah connor hyping had some narrative. Potentialities you broke him. Yeah i think so. I think that's the thing. Yeah how do you not think that's a good idea. I was thinking you know. no now. i'm sinking take support. Where the paul Meets up with on me. And he's you know what was the kuttan Makes curtains right. I haven't seen dark fate. I have not seen dark fate. Yeah jim kinda pulse upholstery or curtain on upholstery thing on the. I can't remember. Always you know one time but this i you know. It's not a great movie and i don. I didn't think it was horrible. Though and thing is again. I love termini to the only thing i hate about two minutes to is white. Giancana was contrite. He's a an annoying little shit and win a when he gets blown away at the beginning of dog fight. I was like all. I'm all in on this one. All no i liked. I liked at ed. Edward furlong as john connor. I thought was one of the best child acting performances of all time. Really he was he was he was he was a light thirteen. Fifty all right so anyway. Despite his age. I found him as a young person to have given one of the best and most engaging young people performances i've ever i've ever seen lookie handle they say Since sara and the terminator both share the same information which would in any case if both it and kyle were sent back at the same time to different destinations. The date this date which meaning august twenty ninth nineteen ninety-seven date has not changed as a result of cyber dyne managing to reconstruct and create the terminator's from the remaining parts of the t eight hundred sent to nineteen eighty-four from the future at this stage Quality may have improved but the timing has not yet changed so that those all those follow on dates though in further movies and novels. And.

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