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What she's kids twoday much carrots how can understand anything they say kids they are disobedient disrespectful noisy crazy sloppy lazy low furs while we're on the subject talk hot air bases glow but they still do test when they want why can't they may like we were perfect in every why what's the matter with kids too classics olivera paul lymph of bye bye birdie and it's a question of course let's ask by every generation let's go to jim in charleston west virginia as we look at the efforts of government to sometimes step in the way of parenting hello jim hello mr bohannon i really enjoy your show thanks for i'll let me talk to you um i just retired from teaching for 30 years and uh i've raised three children and uh they've turned out all okay and uh i i've noticed milan house i dunno fifteen or twenty years how parenting has trans has changed in that i think you have them earlier caller that said she you know used to be the parents believe the teacher and now it's the other way around they believe their kids and i when i started teaching um i realized how many times my children would ally to to me and so you have a i'm talking about my kids okay because i see i'm an only child so i didn't have any brothers or sisters and and my parents must have done a pretty good job because most people who know me when they find out i would i.

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