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Right right sorry for the i no no that's that's uh i mean i i do feel that too i guess by that was just my answer for the podcast before whereas little more optimistic put like now that i mean i'm i'm feeling the sense of dread every day you know and and i i mean i do the faith that that you know bob moller's gonna gonna find something which he's probably has already in we'll start giving the republicans on board for impeachment kazys seems like he's already obstructed justice but also like hopefully there's enough people surrounding him which uh i don't really see stu too much evidence fourth but at least ju maybe general kelly will will be there to make sure he doesn't press the button see i like you one of the things roeken said yesterday it was so creepy is that basically like a guy who won a popularity contest now as access to nuclear arts the right right yeah and he didn't even one he just like i don't think he really wanted to the ability to to to nuke people he he just wanted to to win and show of obama and then savannah he has to go through all these these years of being president i don't think he really wants to do the job in our enemy but but he may use it as a way to get back at the people that hate him no vic let's do some predictions i want to hear some burger predictions okay let's predictions all right what do you think if if you had if you if we're if we had a ton of fucking money and were at vegas and we're gonna put some vets down what do you see happening in the next couple of years with trump does he finished his presidency.

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