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New deal. That's up next on our body politick right after the news. Life from NPR News in Washington. I'm Louise Schiavone. The Democratic controlled House of Representatives is expected to vote today on a measure that would more than triple coronavirus relief checks. But the bill is likely to face major pushback from Republicans as NPR's Franco or Dona is tells us. After much delay, President Trump has signed a $2.3 trillion spending bill. That includes $600 payments to Americans who qualify for federal aid. The $2.3 Trillion coronavirus relief bill will help avert a government shutdown and provide billions of dollars in Corona virus aid to millions of people passed by Congress was sweeping majorities. Trump waited almost until the last minute to sign the measure after calling the package of disgrace. And fought so far unsuccessfully to raise direct payments from $600 to $2000, NPR's Franco Ordonez and Nashville authorities say 63 year old Anthony Quinn Warner was that city's Christmas Day bomber. They are calling it a suicide attack, but officials say they remain stumped by the Y of the case. More than two dozen countries have temporarily suspended flights in the United Kingdom in response to a new strain of the Corona virus that was first detected in Britain. NPR's Jason Beaubien reports some nations air, taking travel restrictions a bit further and blocking all foreign visitors. Most of the new rules are aimed travelers from United Kingdom, where the new, more transmissible strain of the virus has dominated recent infections. But Japan is blocking all foreign visitors through at least the end of January to try to keep the so called UK variant out. Canada is extending a ban on direct flights from the U. K, which has caused chaos from any Canadians trying to return home from Europe. Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines all recently announced tightened restrictions on incoming travelers due to concerns about this new strain. And starting today, all travelers from Britain to the United States will have to show proof of a negative covert test result within the last 72 hours before they'll be allowed to board their flights. Jason Beaubien. NPR news Gasoline prices are rising, according to Triple A driver's of paying more the pump than any point since mid March. NPR's Camilla Domino ski reports gasoline is still cheaper than it was last year, but it's climbing noticeably. For the first time in months, Americans continue to drive less than usual, so demand for gas is still relatively low. That crude oil prices play a big role in setting prices at the pump and oil prices have been climbing thanks in large part to optimism about how the Corona virus vaccines might allow a return to normalcy next year. Nationwide, the average gas prices now around $2.25 as usual, it is cheaper in the south and more expensive in the West. Camilla Domino Ski NPR news President sunning of a pandemic relief bill is lead Stocks higher The Dow up to 40, this is NPR. It was May 4th 1970. It can't State university Hundreds of students protesting the war in Vietnam were staging a peace rally defined the orders of university officials. The National Guard was called in and after unarmed protesters clashed with guardsmen. The troops opened fire. Four students were killed. Others were wounded as compare Bhatia of member station Wks You tells us One of those wounded 50 years ago, has now died. Alan Canfora was a student 50 years ago when National Guardsmen opened fire during anti war protests, wounding nine students and killing four. Since then, he's pushed for justice and recognition from the university of what happened. Earlier this year. During what would have been the 50th anniversary of the shootings, Canfora said he always felt he could have done more essential mystery has always dead. Why did the guard fire? He set the fire himself the sense so I think that's what I'm focused on, and I think that's what we're gonna have to do going forward so we can just literally care videos to cover up. The murderer can escape. And for a sister confirmed his death from natural causes. He was 71 for NPR news. I'm could beer Bhatia. Sweden is now moving towards stricter anti covert measures after a relaxed approach to the viruses failed to create enough social discipline to wear masks and socially distance and no degree of population immunity. Now, the government is proposing a temporary covert 19 pandemic law, allowing it to halt public activities, public transportation, clothes, shops and shopping centers, all in an effort to curb the spread of the Corona virus. I'm Louise Schiavone. NPR NEWS Washington Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include duo lingo, Ah, language learning APP built around the idea that learning should be fun to keep learners motivated with bite size lessons and more than 34 languages. Duo lingo is available as an app.

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