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Scott shetler tonight pinch hits and smashes one to I two FREDDY Freeman and I look up after each game. There is a site baseball savant. Find other sites that blest how her balls were hit and a game that shot off the bat of Scott shetler was at one hundred two point seven miles an hour that would be your exit velocity one hundred and two miles an hour. Plus last year, I just looked it up on balls hit that hard. What do you think they batting average was nearly six hundred when you hit a ball that hard last season? Scott, Shovellers luck. He hits the ball that hard this season. It is a groundout indicating with the bases loaded. Scott shetler now. I think too for his last twenty-seven he's hitting one fifty for the season. And if you go back to as far back as July tenth of last year selective endpoint there. That's forty-nine starts for him in his last forty-nine starts. He's batting a one eighty four in one hundred eighty five at bats. It has been a grind for Scott Shipley. Let's go to the phones Perkins Berg, Indiana. We Petric's Berg, Indiana. We go Eric you're on seven hundred wwl w you doing. I'm well. Thanks for calling. There is in struggling several years, but Tom reds fan. Any complaints about them. Kid on high school of they disbanded the big red machine. I didn't follow them for a couple of years. But then they got some guys like Mario Soto. And that he was one of my favorites. Sorta like McGinn Pete Rose king back until I thought that was pretty exciting. But fan I think they're going to have a great season this year the hidden just not there yet. And it's been there in the past and the pitching hasn't been there. And now the pitching's there, I think the offense catch up, and I think the reds are gonna have fine season this year. Let's hope to go ahead. No. Sitting here in my living room, and my dog sitting next to me, my dog's names, Johnny Koito. Oh, Johnny Cueto. My dog showed up about. I didn't know that she growth. It was a male dog and a week or two after Johnny Cueto pitched his second game in the major leagues and he started off so hot and I decided between Johnny Cueto. Johnny Cueto is a better name dog's name live. There you go. Oh. I'm glad you called. Appreciate you listening and call again sometime. All right. Thank you have a good evening. How about that? I call her the night named his dog after Johnny Cueto. If you are curious as some have tweeted, a yes. We had the hardest hit ball the night in the game. One hundred and nine point six miles an hour that was that single in the third inning these seven hundred hit of Puig's a career that was another inning. They let Sorocca off the hook. They had he had retired eight in a row see the final three the first and the he had retired eight neuro than Winker gets the two out single Puig ropes that single first and second. But Dietrich strikes out looking the first of a three strikeout night for Dietrich. They left to on base and saroka Roca navigated through those in and around the game tonight to pick up the win. He goes five and two thirds in the bullpen does the rest did not allow it in the final three and two thirds innings. Is that right? Yes. Three three and a third innings and did not allow a hit or a run the rest of the night of all the odd things. Roll the strikeouts. Last night. Ten Roark struck out four tonight to reds bullpen and pitching four innings. Did not record a str-. Kowt?.

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