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Sanders threw a bomb to Cortlandt Sutton who really he's a promising rookie. He laid out nice job by Sutton. Then you've got case keenum finds a wide open Emmanuel. Sanders. I mean, why? I don't know how that happens in the NFL. He's their best receiver. So there you go. I mean, it's like twenty eight to three. At the end of the first quarter rose ended up doing another pick rose ended up fumbling twice from von Miller. I mean, it was it was ugly, you ugly, you ugly. You mama says you ugly, you ugly. That's from bri- here childhood. Really Bri. I really, I don't know. You tell me that wasn't very nice. It's from the movie Wildcats. Yeah, Goldie Hawn. Yeah, that's a great movie. I love that movie. It's the sport of kings better than diamond rings. That's why we love to play football love that. I still remember that song Finch in that movie. I mean that movie is. Movies. Awesome. Anyway. So you ugly, it was ugly for there's an cardinals last night. It was ugly, ugly. Von Miller destroyed them von Miller's dip underneath Andre Smith was so impressive. I mean, he's flexibility and the ability to get under Andre Smith like that and then smoke Rosen. By the way, I'm a little concerned about Rosen. I mean, I don't care if they weren't all his fault or whatever. It's still five turnovers still three interceptions two fumbles. He hit his head on the ground hard and reach for it, had to go into the blue tent. He's got a significant history in that regard that the last play the game, he hurt his foot. He says, he's fine. We'll see, you know, when you reach for your foot the way he did. We'll see that's one to keep an eye on for sure. Other than that, the cards often into line, obviously, as induced has issued. Philip Lindsey continues to impress me for the Denver Broncos. So van shows of their coach got a little bit of a reprieve. I don't know how long it will be if I'm ready to say like, oh, they're awesome now, but he got a little bit of reprieve by the way to, you know, Bri that this is the lowest unemployment rate in years and years. Like I think I saw someone take over twenty years maybe longer than that. This is the lowest unemployment rate we've had, which means it's really tough to find qualified candidates, which is why ZipRecruiter is advertising everywhere because they know that they're the best. They know they are the best way for you to find qualified candidates for your job. And so they're, they're taking. Advantage of people being in a in a bind right now. Almost everyone I know is looking to try to hire somebody. ZipRecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you..

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