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This funny. How many people get these things wrong? I kind of jazz clubs. What made you build it like this? Everyone's got an opinion about design but join on a journey to cut through the noise. We sit down with the design greats. It's just bloody minded inquisitiveness really and have you covered on everything from architecture. Product design to hunt and fashion to. There's so many collections being designed. Actually there may be easily lifespan on a designer's role at the helm of a brand. And of course we're all the key events in the design calendar with in-depth reports from our global network of correspondence. Two and a half hours by train from Amsterdam lies the historic city of master. Which every year has the happiness tae fat fat monocle design? If you guessed it is Monaco's weekly designed show tune in every Tuesday at twenty hundred London time or download the podcast on itunes or spotify. And you're back with each other. We're live in Zurich. It said just seventeen forty two in Tokyo sixteen forty two in Hong Kong ten forty two here in Zurich on a very very sunny Saturday. I think it's going to get rather warm. Do they? Linley here Looking you'RE GONNA. You're looking at toasty in that top. Anyway but it's fine. It's over keeping reasonably cool in in studio here before we went to James in Hong Kong. You're doing your piece out of the Kodiak they're leading on this fifteen thousand fines handed out in the last days. Yes people even their houses all over Italy. Just tell me what do you WanNa say the coach Jeff? Something else cody at end. Just look at one of the articles. Were Antonio Pulido. Who SAYS LESEAN THEIR MEDICATION? There's the syndrome of those who are escaping or who are sneaking out and everyone believes that the viruses elsewhere and it's not where they but he. He makes a bit of a job at the Swedes. Saying the Italians are being a bit like the Swedes. Either not staying in lockdown. They're not seeing their homes and you know usually the Italians are portrayed as those who follow the rules perhaps less than their nordic neighbours. So there's a bit of a little bit of gloating there. Perhaps but he does make a very good point. He says it's really hard to keep your distance when you're in the narrow alleyways of Naples for instance or in a small neighborhood little market in Rome and the little piazza's it's very hard to keep your meter distances. And also he makes the point of an elderly person in. Sicily is not gonNA go online on Amazon to order. They're the groceries or their cigarettes if you want so. The good news is that apparently people are not taking their children out that much in this bit of controversy. Whether you could you couldn't take them out with you and actually Yukon. But can I have my moment of spirituality? You take take your moment one minute but I think there's something interesting about this piece. Though which is of course Italy versus Sweden into compare the two but also Sweden's official policies and rules are very different. I was I was even just having a little bit of scattered around. You know you can look at many. Many things closed all over Europe. But if you compare Amsterdam versus Zurich versus what's going on versus Stockholm Stockholm very much open for business? Today the department stores are open. You can go to all kinds of specialty store as you can go and get your haircut. You can do all kinds of things and you on that. The Swedish government is saying also you know just they. You can't stop this. It'd be very. It's almost a constitutional challenge to sort of lockdown The country so in a way. It's almost an officially sanctioned. That okay we have to let people do what they want to follow the rules But we're not in a situation where we can be imposing maybe the same heavy-handed Saba call to Conan Setup that we certainly have In Italy at the moment and as my colleagues room say we do tend to be not great great rule followers no such a such a st okay spiritual spiritual mom reality while the pope went on air unless as newscast in Italy to it was it was obviously a taped message and he's just called on people to make gestures of tenderness towards those who are suffering. You talked about the elderly small children and he his message was the pope is close to you and also please pray for me. A he has. He has an elderly person. He has been tested and he. He didn't come out positive but he kept telling the you know the potent knows what you're going through and Francis was saying it's a moment this difficult for all of us. Please be generous and help your neighbors. And he said in this moment of the physical distancing if you want to be creative in showing your love for people thought that was rather nice and then On that note there was a very touching if you want a little profile further back in the in the in the pages of data where they profile a postman in bed gumma bed. Komo one of the hardest hit cities up north in. Its Leeann actually supposed to woman. What is the expression for that? A female postal worker. But yeah she's she's person host person and it's very touching she says she she's reflecting on going to people's doors ringing the doorbell and no incomes and so many people who have passed away and she. She lost several elderly relatives in this corona crisis. And I it's just a rather small Look at a life in a little village and how this global pandemic it and when you look at the little small stories everyone has has been affected by it absolutely. We're GONNA go to the Financial Times in a moment but As I said at the top of the show and we every week we have either Andrew or myself of course they have calms over over the weekend We heard from Andrew in the last hour. I also entered into an outstanding piece Last week in his was really managed to London And just a great love for the city and all the London is is going. Through a bit of a Punchier View. This week five little observations about the city and is going to join us at the moment but I listen to his. Call them for a second.

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