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Air. I'm Terry Gross. We're going to remember actress Cloris Leachman. She died last month. At the age of 94. She co starred in two Mel Brooks films, High Anxiety and Young Frankenstein. Here she is in Young Frankenstein as Frau Blucher with Gene Wilder as Dr Frankenstein. I am Paul Brujo Steady. How do you do? I am Dr Frankenstein. This is my assistant in government. I present Frau Blucher. I wonder what's got into them. Your homes have been propelled had Dr Leave you here. Follow me. Car. Would you bring the bags as soon as you're finished, please? Yes, Master. After you, Frau Blucher. Cloris Leachman won an Oscar for her performance in the 1971 film The Last Picture Show on television. She co starred on The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Mary's neighbor and land Lady Phyllis. Which led to her own spin off serious Phyllis in 1975. She appeared on many primetime TV shows was nominated for 22, Emmys and 18. Had the chance to interview her in 2009. I want to talk about some of your movies You've made what two or three movies with Mel Brooks. The first was Young Frankenstein. In which you played Frau Blucher. Uh, loser. Uh, just just I wanna play a scene from this or just to set it up. Um Gene Wilder plays Dr Frederick Frankenstein, who is the second time reckons Frankenstein, Malcolm Stone. Uh, Gore, and he's the grandson of the famous mad scientist who created the monster. And then he lost my boyfriend. He learns he's inherited the Frankenstein. Estate. So he goes to the mansion in Transylvania. And your character for a blocker is one of the servants there and she was in love with the mad scientist. And in a scene Gene Wilder, the young Dr Frankenstein goes to the lab Falcon Stone houthis to assistance. Where he finds you releasing the monster from his restraints. Here's the scene. Frau.

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