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In the nicu's um at leading house little's such as northwestern university chicago and others uh um but you know it's also little different win you can read about it and it's an interesting article in the usa today verses of a sudden it's impacting your family and what does that really mean so uh these that we spent a lot of time digging in on what is the orphan draw roads uh issue is the challenges how it really impacts people lies in i take him to step back and looked at it from a much broader context of what i'm calling orphaned innovations um my look back on my career i've had this these challenges alone would i call off the innovation russians just never had a label for it's a never been have been they've been able to name at something in order to understand what it is the impact and what options there are to address um these issues where there's just a credibly small uh a market for these drugs or technologies renovations or whatever they might be so so today show we're gonna talk more about these two areas one is orthodontist nations what are they what are some examples of those we're gonna talk some more about orphan drugs what does that mean what i've learned through this whole process us and then we're gonna talk a little bit about so what do we do about those it is i'm just kind of an interesting harrison's facts show but what is that it as a society we should be doing when looking at uh peoples impacts in what in the rubble of innovation could play and having a significant positive impact and quality of life so this is a little bit of a different show that we've done in the past uh we're going to get his stories like services it is enlightening to share with her if he writes.

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