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Somebody from the local television station came and i was asked audition for a local television show which you might be referring to called hickory hideout which was up a puppet show well. I shouldn't say it was there. Were puppets in it. Then you were. Who were you i would. I was not a puppet. And i was not a puppet. I was not a puppeteer. I played a young woman named jenny. And jennie had a lot of questions. And so she would ask her friends. Nutso unsurely squirrelly. Who we're puppets. Sometimes i would go to the treehouse and ask another puppet named noel about things like parents getting divorced or your braces. Or if you're one of your wisdom teeth were lance so this is this is local. Nbc cleveland and and i believe kyc. But i mean you are probably at that age. Twelve is when you started i. It's an interesting age like we're you the envy of your peers or the target of your peers. Doing i don't think anyone knew what the heck was going on like. I knew. I missed sometimes monday afternoons and i still begged. I'd still for some reason. Everybody all the nuns. Let me still be in basketball. Even though i never could play the games. I would still. I would go to practice. Because i just wanted to be so show like. I wanted to have some grounding factor with my pals at school. But i definitely felt very like i had this other life like my great aunt betty again beautiful and betty would take me with her knitting down to the news station and we shot it scott in the news room so they would. We'll the news desk aside and they would wheel on this tree tree house and then we would shoot using the news cameras and the news light. It's almost like a mr rogers type. I mean sort of hundred percent and then we will have some location days in the metro. Greater cleveland area metro parks and it was all like a of these amazing actors that i worship from watching plays at the playhouse wayne turney cassie wolf today. Few these were like my idols. So i was really felt like i was learning a ton from these from. These guys have siblings. I do. I have two younger brothers. The early oldest. You're going down this path. Obviously with i don't know. I mean i guess it's probably spending money or i don't know you're not getting rich off hickories hickory. Hideout where you so. I mean what. What did your parents make of this. And the fact that then you would want to pursue this further. I guess wherever you were going off to like wherever you would be accepted for college. It was gonna continue to be your your direction right. I mean it's all so weird. I'm telling you i mean i didn't have a ton of money and so i did make a little bit of money. It wasn't a lot more than babysitting. And so i had some. I remember i do remember. There was an side of cleveland called in my area. Cleveland heights called coventry and there was like it was kinda like the cool like there was coffee shops and people smoke down there and you know whatever i there was a leather shop and so i bought myself a motorcycle jacket for one hundred dollars and that when my mom my mom took me down to get it and i thought i was. I was listening to new order. And i thought it was so cool so that was something i could. I bought with my hickory. Hideout money when i was listening to whatever the smith and i thought it was so cool but but i definitely was. It was very important for me again too. I really wanted. my parents. Were very clear that they didn't have money to send me anywhere but to escape as a state school and we have amazing state schools in ohio. But i was really wanted a great liberal arts and theatre education. I just knew it. And so i worked my arse off in high school like i was like i was like i'm going to get a scholarship. I'm going to go to a great school. I'm going to get. I love ohio. But i was like i want to go to a great undergrad program and again i think classic over achieving older only daughter. You know but i i did. I got myself to north western accrued a crap ton debt but it was an amazing education so northwestern has a trunk theater program. Was that something you immediately. Do you knew that this was going to be a major though is communications right. So what does that what were you. What were you thinking you would do with my my delight. I got a b. s. my undergraduate degree. You know it was.

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