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Mean, these both these teams. They have a lot of guys on the injured list. And so perhaps the break couldn't come at a better time. Get some extra days built in there And then maybe you come back in the second half, and you're pretty much ready to go for the Cardinals. Clarity? No. Michaelis, Jordan Hicks. No Dakota Hudson and for the Cubs know Duffy? Nobody. Obviously they have had the likes Of Nico Horner on the I l and as well. They have dealt with injuries to hobby Baez, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. Cubs take the field and we get ready to go here tonight. Let's give you the starting lineups at first four, the visiting ST Louis Cardinals. Dylan Carlson will lead it off in right field. Paul Goldschmidt will that second He's a first base. Goldar and Otto is in the third spot at third base. Tyler O'Neill will clean it up and he'll play left field. Meanwhile, Matt Carpenter is the second baseman batting fifth year, Molina. At 10 Time All Star. He'll do the catching Hell Date six center field of Harrison Bader. Excellent Defender Hill at seven, called the Young Is it shortstop? The young? Will hit eighth and Kwon Young Kim is hitting ninth that he is the starting pitcher for the Cubs managed by David Ross. It'll be Willson Contreras, leading off at catcher Chris Bryant hits second, and he's in right field that bothered by Tightness in his hamstring. Anthony Rizzo is in the third spot. He's at first base. How do your Baez will clean it up and play shortstop? He's got 21 homers to lead their team. Patrick Wisdom That's fifth. He's in left field. Nico Horner, sixth, He's at second base in half Patrol center field. And he'll bat seventh or the eighth spot. The third baseman tonight is Sergio Alcantara, batting night, the starting pitcher. Zach Davies, Alright for the ST Louis Cardinals. They are 12th in the league, and it runs per game. 14 15 teams and on base percentage of 11th in slug. And they will be facing exact. Davies, The 28 year old, who was born in the Seattle area. Moved to Arizona. Gilbert Arizona to go to high school. Went to high school about 15 minutes away from Cubs spring training complex Sloan Park in Mesa 26th. Round pick by the Orioles in 2000 and 11. And he has pitched the Brewers, the Padres and the Cubs. At the Big League level. So Carlson ready to go. Carlson to switch hitter he'll hit left. And for Zach Davies. Against slender right hander He goes six FT. Tall £180 1st six starts at 8 22 E R. A last 12 2.89 and sing. He's a guy that when he's right, we're going to see a lot of changeups. Yes, and you know he's going to move the ball around and just try to keep hitters off balance, not overpowering fastball by any means getting up to 91 tops. That sinker that will throw about 50 to 53% of the time. Davies working off the first space side of the rubber angled towards the third base line. Karlsson in the left side, the pitch The first offering at a game Mrs. Upstairs, Ball one. We are underway. Davies is so interesting to me as it relates to the results and then the peripheral numbers. Turn to kick the one Oh, That's a strike on the outside corner. He.

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