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Yeah, Amen, well, it's interesting because we just had a wonderful time two weeks ago and yesterday as well just looking at what is called the new birth N. N Just Been Dissecting John Chapter three and it just so rich and so deep I know that I really didn't truly understand all the theological richness of the new birth, even when I experienced the new birth looking at the scripture now I mean it is just really an amazing thing. I knew very little at the time I was born again, and now just looking at the reality of what God did. It's like there's just volumes of depth there that just ause my own soul well. I'm glad you know logo more still know very little. but but like I said I it's. It's a beautiful thing I think you know reading devotional. Reading for pleasure, but but I think there's something to be said for studying the word of God and I think studying income passes all of those things right because it forces you to go a little bit deeper, and and I think this is what we're going to do. Today is try to go a little bit deeper and I think I think there's a lot of people who are believers were truly saved truly been born again, and they just don't think too deeply about what it means to say they don't. They don't really think about salvation. That's of. It is something that they've. They've experienced and now they need to work on something out and and. I think the one thing we do know. Is We never leave that? That's that's the foundational part that's supposed to be reminded refreshed every single day. Yeah, yeah, I think it was Paul Washer who said many people treat salvation like flu shot. I got that shot now I'm GonNa go onto something deeper as you just said. But what's deeper than the Gospel You could fill in the blank. There I'm just waiting. You're going to wait a long time. That's right. There's there's nothing deeper than the Gospel I mean it is past present and future It is what saves me. What keeps me saved and went brings me all the way home one day in heaven, and as we were looking at John Chapter Three. You know it's interesting. Because this was the man that approached Jesus was Nicodemus and Nicodemus was one of the San. He driven when he was one of the Pharisees I think there are about six thousand of them at the time. But. He was in the elite navy seal class. Call the Sand Hadrian, which were seventy two men and He was even among that group. He was the cream of the cream of the crop he he was called a teacher of Israel and he. He met Jesus. He came to Jesus by night. you know, so he came you know like Jewish, ninja-like here and you know he asked Jesus. Jesus the question and he calls Jesus, a man come from God or a rabbi. Come from God and what I find very interesting about that is that he was a little off said. We know that you are a teacher. Come from God because this. He wasn't a teacher. Come from God, but rather he was God come to teach you see. Interpretation is very important, isn't it? I mean just the way. Way that that is said and understood in in the realistic way. Nicodemus had the wrong interpretation of WHO Christ was even at the initial conversation he was having with him. Definitely definitely, and I think every interaction that was had by men was always misapplied. And you know it's understandable because you know he's a creator of the universe..

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