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A couple of hours Craig Allen you can't go in the water but I don't think you'd want to anyway no the water still very chilly hits but a very cool spring as you know so far and waters only running around fifty degrees or so the air temperature will be nice and warm this afternoon getting into the seventies to near eighty right along the shore in probably eighty to eighty five for the city and all inland areas we still have to get rid of some of the showers this morning though they're scattered it's not solid but there are showers still around so keep that in mind for about the next hour or two then eighty to eighty five this afternoon seventy for the shore then the next round of showers and thunderstorms that's more towards evening and into tonight couple everyone's there to sixty to sixty five Saturday becoming sunny and very pleasant highs in the mid seventies nice start to the weekend but we won't be able to finish it that way Sunday becoming mostly cloudy and cooler highs in the mid sixties a chance of a shower too late Sunday or Sunday night stay connected with the Altes five day forecast Monday and Tuesday it's gray and cool and showery in sixty to sixty five to start off next week right now here in the city at sixty humidity eighty three percent thank you Greg Allen and the order from governor Cuomo to increase testing at nursing homes for staffers apparently is a backfiring on one respect the post reports the state health departments Wadsworth center in Albany has told county health officials that they reach capacity they're struggling to process the surgeon tests and they told them to stop sending them shipments W. CBS news time six fifty two thinking about life insurance what if you could make one free phone call and learn your best price from nearly a dozen highly rated price competitive companies well that's exactly what happens when you call select quote life for example George is forty he was getting sky high quotes from other companies because he takes meds to control his blood pressure but when I shopped around I found to a ten year five hundred thousand dollar policy for under twenty five dollars a month I'm select quote agent dance aveeno and believe me if select quote isn't shopping for your life insurance you're probably paying too much for your free quote call eight hundred seven zero four twenty three thirty that's eight hundred seven zero four twenty three thirty eight hundred seven zero four twenty three thirty or go to select quote dot com since nineteen eighty five we shop you save get full details on the example policy it's local dot com slash commercials are price can vary depending on your health insurance company the fact for all our sakes we need to avoid crowds as much as possible but what if you need to go to the post office or mail letters and packages whether you're a small business or have a new work from home set up stamps dot com can help print postage on demand and never pay full price with access to discounted rates you can't even get at the post office like five cents off every stamp and up to sixty two percent off U. S. P. S. and UPS shipping rates print official U. S. stamps and labels right from your home or office computer for any letter any package anywhere you wanna send once your mails ready just leave it for your mail carrier schedule a free package pickup or drop it off no human contact required right now listeners get a special offer that includes a four week trial plus free postage and a digital scale without any long term commitment just go to stamps dot com click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type in listen stamps dot com enter listen stay safe my friends happy Friday here are the happy fits adult Pittstown New Jersey young guys at a north Hunterdon high school great musicals and I'm doing great journalism every morning Steve Scott is here what's up Steve well when we've been hearing Marla diamond.

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