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Was it not grand cameras. cameron cameron. Yeah we aren't came from knows the guy. He's a underwater well he. He went down in a few years ago in just like a bullet that went down into the mariana trench Very deep deep deep in the water but he was just barely down there and then just came back up. You can't really go at depth for very long and tell us how i was also reading about you being scuba diver like you in your bio you. How did you get into that in. How did you start the move on dive team. Tom ferrario and i did way back. We were working with. Ted phillips and tom has now taken over in place of ted phillips the s. s. i. Ut my belief but his marley woods team but we got into discussion one night over a campfire investigating marley. Woods with ted and ted was really into caves and we started thinking. What about underwater caves and then what about the waters and before. We knew what. Tom and i were running back in two thousand and three. We held the first underwater ufo search and recovery class in in raleigh missouri corey. That was great. We put a ten foot diameter satellite dish with legs on it. Put it under water. It's thirty feet and i we had. We had a whole lot of weekend. I believe we did. Four dives but That that was the premise behind it too. Was that When you try and dive for something if you're looking for something we took them all down thirty feet and told him baha ahead of time. You're going to descend down this line. Go to the swim around it. That culture way back to shore and we we covered underwater waited for every one of them to come back because the the metal from the satellite dish it caused a false norse and so everybody ended up back with us. Their competences right around so we got. That's that's one way to find something that has crashed underwater. Something large your compass for that but a lot of what the other that we did for small pieces we trained in how to do recovery of smaller things. So i wish we could be doing more of it. I've done a couple dives looking for things. But everything is really a depth. So we're looking to sonar mini subs. I do have one of my investigators. Chuck freedom from columbia is a mini sub captain so We're we're ready to go underwater this stuff going on right now. Hudson valley that we would love to get in. Take a look at that there. Some summa lakes in the kansas city area. We'd love to get in what we found out. Our biggest problem is a lot of these..

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