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And now move the sticks with daniel jeremiah and bucky brooks everybody what's going on walker to the move the sticks d._j. And bucky and man all that time in the off season. We're we're trying to figure out what we're going to talk about. What can we do. Oh no shortage of topics for us to chop up today coma. You gotta love it. You gotta love like man. I think everything is better. When you have a deadline i think when you put a cut deadline or something like that like you get all the flurry of activity and i never anticipated what we were able to see the deadline just the amount of trades the amount on a people leaving places some of the guys that were cut some of the guys that were picked up after they were cut it has been a crazy crazy weekend and and don't forget you sprinkle a little college football lender and made it a very exciting weekend in no doubt and that's the ground. We're going to cover today. We're gonna talk about these. Two big trades involving the houston houston texans shipping out cloudy bringing in laremy tunsil to humongous trades. We'll dig into our thoughts on those deals. We're going to do a little college football football switching over to that side getting a chance to see the first full slate of games a lot of fun. We both had a chance to dig in. Watch them tape study what we what we saw from some of the top players there's in the country. We're gonna focus a lot on those quarterbacks while some other key players from the week and we got our good buddy bruce feldman. I had a chance to visit with bruce actually while he was out in a little league baseball game <hes> he was kind enough to join me earlier today and <hes> and talk about some of the top players in college football talk really about lincoln riley. Who would my opinion book. I thought what was the star of football weekend and somebody. That's going to generate a lot of discussion in the college as well as the n._f._l. Circle absolutely is a great time to talk about all these guys because i think the more that the college game infiltrates the pro game the more you have these owners and general managers ages decision-makers look into the game to see who can be the next big thing and even though we have all eyes on kingsbury. There may be some skepticism about him. I i do believe the way the game is going more gas or looking for innovators and the way lincoln rally put on a show with his third quarterback in three years. I think you have a lot of people are going to be knocking on his door and no doubt all right well. Let's let's jump right in here because it's rare. You have trades like this and the n._f._l. We we saw it last year with the khalil mack trade about this the same time and we see another one the guy who was picked ahead of him in his draft class at having cloudy he did not report for the houston texans would not sign his franchise which is tender the fact that they were unable to to make a move with him prior to i believe it's july fifteenth was the deadline meant that he could no longer sign a contract extension so just a matter of him signing the franchise tag and showing up the plane houston or signing it and allow himself to be traded and once that deadline had passed once he wasn't showing up he kinda got to call his own shot book where he was going to go because you want to train the dolphins that's fine. I'm not gonna sign my tender. You can't treat me so they had to find a team. He was agreeable to go to do that. Ended up being the seattle seahawks for really a small price talking about a third round pick in two thousand twenty backup linebacker jacob martin and arkadiusz just mingo kind of a a a swing guy can rush little bit be linebacker a little bit of a disappointment through his career <hes> but <hes> bring some athleticism to help the depth there for the houston texans. I guess <hes> just get your overall thoughts on this thing. Wow there's so many so many thoughts on these trade <hes> let me first say based on some intel and talking to people around houston <hes> the whole issue today being clowney and bill o'brien in the houston texans kind of centered around the fact that the texans didn't believe that cloudy was a great worker they had questions about his durability and his injury history and then his overall desire to be a great player. <hes> bill o'brien come from where he comes from having ties to the patriots organization having spent time there. He's used to a certain way of going about your business. Gazzetta professional guys that kinda relished the opportunity to do extra stuff extra work extra time into film room extra stuff on the practice field all of that and today cloudy wasn't a guy based on what i talked to you know based on reports that heard from people down there that just wasn't his thing being and bill o'brien had a tough time envisioning giving him a ton of money knowing that he wasn't going to turn around and be one of those model citizens jason when it came to work ethic and that stuff and so looked damian cloudy never has been a fan of training camp and all those things and so they knew that this was going to be an opportunity for him to be away but bill brown was just hell bent on. I'm not paying him big money. When i know he's not really that guy <hes> that is gonna take the money and elevators game he would rather just keep them on a one year deal and move on and so when this trade opportunity came up with the seattle seahawks he was more than willing to to make the deal and even though they gave up seven billion in cash to go with him in the third round pick holiday other stuff <hes> bill o'brien just did not want that kinda gas said into standard in the locker room. That's why he parted ways with yeah. I mean i think you hit on a lot of the key points there buck and and when you look at clowning it let let let me just say this way. It's possible to be a great player and also be a disappointment as crazy as that sounds but cloudy bucked the ceiling has been so high from him in the expectations so high while he's been i would say even a great player dominant against running a good pass rusher. He's never had double digit sacks ax. I mean you're looking at the sack totals. It's four and a half one year six nine and a half nine <hes> those are good numbers and easy great run-defender and he's had a chance to play the opposite or alongside one of the best pass rushers in the history of the n._f._l. In j._j. watt so you know you're going to get some opportunities to rush there but it is. It's it's fell l. short of what the expectation was for him. I think this'll be good for him. <hes> go to seattle even if it's just a one year rental for the sea hawks pete carroll will be good for him. He'll be able to get him gone on. I'm hoping is good been. I'm hoping we're going to see a more consistent cloudy and and give us fifteen sixteen year that you know he's capable april of with his ability it just hasn't happened there and and we look at the houston texans miscalculation was they thought he would show up and they would get him for this year and that didn't happen happen. He didn't show up in that change their plans and they had to do what they had to do now. They had to do it they had to do. I think this is also a great lesson for us. S cows d._j. People i don't really change right so the same questions that we have about today cloudy now we had those same questions that concerns when he was coming out of south carolina because remember last year there were people people that believed that he shut it down that he didn't really give maximum effort for steve spurrier that he was a guy that would milk injuries and he wouldn't show up and do all the things that you expect a high level player to do and he did flash but never really fully produce we saw the flash we knocked the helmet off and that kind of put them on the map we saw flashes of great athleticism and stuff but we never saw him become a refine rusher. We never saw him take his game up from good to great great when it came to technically and fundamentally dominating the position and so he does kind of leave you wanting more and now i won't say see that he is displayed because i don't think he's as good as a player but i do remember when we were in carolina we had julius peppers and you'll peppers was the second overall pick julius. Who's peppers got a bunch of sex but there was an internal feeling pamphlet. He could be doing this even more now. What so we overestimated. We underestimated like how hard it is to find someone who can do what julius was able to do and that's why they brought back at the end of his career because there was a greater appreciation for someone who fell out of beta could get you twelve to thirteen fourteen sex. The difference is davy. Cloudy isn't quite julius peppers level when it comes to his ability to get to the quarterback. Julius was more refined with clowney what i see as a raw athlete whose explosive he's powerful but he still it doesn't have a plan for getting to the quarterback and i don't know if you can teach somebody to have a plan for five years into the league. I do know that pete carroll loves loves. Athletic is with instincts and he'll trae does traits over anything else so we'll see if it works for him but seattle has proven. They're not afraid to duties one year rentals. They did it a couple of years ago. Where sheldon richardson it didn't work out long-term but for year this clown can do gives them a top hash in a league where you need pass risk did not quarterback now yeah. It's a it's a good move. I think by john schneider and he's he's getting a lot of praise for what they're able to pull off here. In the limited amount they had to give up to bring in somebody like cloudy. Now you go back to having frank clark in the decision. They made to move on from frank. Clark ended up trading him <hes> for picks one of which ended up in l. j. collier their first round pick on fortunately hasn't been healthy chintzy much of him but now you're kind of got a committee of guys now with l. J. collier cloudy and they are able to get a couple of other players players ziggy so well yeah. They got some money for my only thing. Though book is if you look at the collection those were a lot of players. There's players. We talked about cloudy. Hopefully hopefully finding that level. Frank clark's better than all of them. Well you know what he is a better football player right then all those guys the thing. Is you know what you have in front clark like you. Don't know what you're going to get from judean cloudy inzaghi <hes> both guys have what injuries typically you like to trade the homegrown thing for the unknown especially when you draft a player typically the premises to draft develop and resigned whatever issues they had with frank clark. They believed they can get more and so. They have three guys trying to do the job. They're frank clark dig. We will see how it turns out but you're right. Frank clark is a really really good football player. <hes> frank clark is a better football player than we've seen from both of these guys at their best <hes> so we'll see how it works out but kudos to them for being able to get. Maybe maybe a three for one deal in terms a hall. I mean look you let go of frank clark today via clowney ziggy ansah for less than what you would have paid for for the franchise tag if it works so you like an economic genius but we'll see what it looks like to me again the creativity of john schneider. That's what what what what impresses me. He's got a plan and he's able to maximize his opportunity there are let's get to the next trade here but because this is a huge one <hes> texans make their trade for laremy tunsil with the miami dolphins the the the texans receive laremy tunsil kenny stills fourth round pick in twenty twenty sixth round pick in two thousand twenty one. Here's what they gave up. They gave up their first round. Pick in twenty twenty twenty and their first round pick in twenty twenty one their second round pick also in two thousand twenty one and then some some fodder for the back end of the roster there for the dolphins <hes> tackle jillian davenport and corner johnson batum osa who is really a special teams player so again. I reacted this deal was what man i cannot believe lead. The miami dolphins partnered with something that we say is. Maybe the second most important position maybe third most important position in the pecking order of team building a left tackle. Oh it is hard to find a left tackle that emerges as a great tackle in the league labs also has been all of that laremy..

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