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All star wes unseld five times mark wayne embry five time all star gail goodrich this guy is a five hagan five time all star dennis johnson johnson five all start all five times as is al horford and if you look at it now i don't know did you buy into like baseball references hall of fame look at it the percentage of the comparisons so basketball reference has a similar one and it's a formula essentially on a scale of zero to one zero to one thousand if you want to do it that way of whether a guy is going to be a hall of famer and not so for example kareem michael jordan bill russell kobe bryant lebron tim duncan wilted cetera they're all once like there's never a discussion never conversation one hundred percent there either in the hall of fame obviously or they're going to the hall of fame so al horford who is of course a five time all star falls in at as zero point one point one zero seven nine so what does that mean not a lot but look at the guys that he's around he's right around bernard king who's the hall of fame earl monroe's in the hall of fame he's ahead of again pete muravich spencer haywood both hall of famers ahead of wayne embry who raptors aren't doing that well but he's a hall of famer people that remember the celtics in the late sixties remember wayne embry towards the tail end of that run gus johnson is in the hall defame connie hawkins who's in the hall of fame don nelson who's in the hall of fame bill walton so these are the types of guys that that al horford is is sort of right around now those guys whose careers are done obviously there in the hall of fame horford has got the ability to first of all become a six time all star draper's gonna need a whole new track after that and win a title in boston and we know how winning a championship especially when you do it for a legacy.

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