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Anybody who is criticizing is criminal. You can find C Span's the weekly podcast on the free C span radio app, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast who was Martin van Buren. Good question. Probably need to ask that question. Martin van Buren was the eighth president of the United States. And he's often forgotten his presidency was only four years long Sunday on in day. Ted Widmer on his biography of president Martin van Buren. He spent a lot of time with Aaron Burr Hamilton's murderer. And there were even rumors persistent throughout the life of Martin van Buren. So persistent that gore Vidal even planted them in his novel bur that Martin van near may have been the illegitimate son of Aaron Burr, and we don't know will ever know. But people are John Quincy Adams once wrote in his diary. I saw that Martin van Buren looks a lot like Aaron Burr axel like Aaron berry sort of always trying to organize factions and get southerners and northerners in political alliances together Sunday night. Night at eight eastern on C Span's QNA. From the Associated Press. President Donald Trump says the US will not Levy additional punitive measures at this time against Saudi Arabia over the killing of Jamal kashogi, president said in a statement, the US does not condone the killing of the US based Saudi columnist for the Washington Post. But that foolishly canceling one hundred ten billion dollars in arms sales as some in. Congress have suggested with only mean that Saudi Arabia will go to other countries to acquire them president said in the statement, he could well be that the crown prince had knowledge of the killing. But he says maybe he did. And maybe he didn't secretary of state Mike Pompeo is scheduled to deliver a statement the subject, we don't know yet. But it's scheduled for one thirty P M eastern. We'll stand by to see what he has to say. And take you there live when he does. C span launched book TV twenty years ago on C span two and since then.

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