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Calls the Monmouth university poll and out flyer camp cell fox news W. CBM Baltimore the rain chances in the mid week forecast temperatures tonight that the sixty five degrees not much on weather radar tonight I pressure across the east giving us some of the like the weather forty nine other than average forecast for Tuesday hi eighty three it's a cloudy weather week Wednesday high of eighty five and here come some summer heat by Friday I was closer to the ninety degree mark just got more and more from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty W. CBM the nobody CVM studios are sponsored by safe retirement solutions in Annapolis until some call Ruggero a four ten two six six eleven twenty or visit safe retirement solutions dot com this is Robert mark show Saturday six to seven PM yeah well Scott's long comedy politics and anything else that interests you Saturday six exclusively on talk radio six eighty W. CBM the following program has been pre recorded for broadcast at this time broadcasting from the underground from the files of a hidden somewhere on deliberate can steal a nondescript building we once again made contact with our leaders there are number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one so we've established that helped her skelter Brian Stelter at the constipated news network CNN and others are using the tactics.

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