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It's just a huge lesson go do go do absolutely another another thing that i think i really took away from that trip in alaska was it interesting you know i i i had this self reflective sort of streak out there about here in your stories about combat and all that in a i when i grew up in our plate sports owes allstate football played played oldline but i played only not line and i had this like my discipline in all of that were really high and i was very good but i didn't have like the vicious killer instinct admitted to go attack right was mortar protector in that sense and i think i think there was something like i had to a judge myself for that unlike man with the fuck you know he should you should be the the crazy animal to but but some having a trip were hearing about i don't know if it was just like a something the way i perceive violence as a kid or something always when i was young i could never be in the military could never be that aggressive never killed anybody but something happened on that trip where i don't know i think i think i was able to own a part of myself where like if i was in this situation and i was at something after that trip said well ship i could have absolutely done that and there's an important learning of about violence and about in accepting of violence and always been hunter had been in that with the human on human violent really affected me and.

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