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Again, people we're here to help. Not only do we we manage people's money, help them prepare for life, and it's all inclusive. That's you know, you need help with your taxes. You need help with legal. We help people out. Quite a bit small businesses around the country with the P P p program when it came out, and there is a second round that's coming out. And kept that All the information that's been made available. We've put it together. Accounting firm that we work with that offering on corporate put together an unbelievable body of work to help you understand it. If you don't understand, we'll answer your questions, and we'll help you with it. Um a lot. A lot of the p P p program least the second round. Is going to. It's yet to be written a lot of these rules a lot of these laws that are written by Congress. They leave a lot up to the I. R s and the Treasury Department. And as soon as we get the information, we can help you. With that, But yeah, That's what We do. What we do know that it did. They does your does your stockbroker at Wells Fargo Advisors help you with your small business. Huh? Marilyn Chick. I do, though he may take you out to dinner and give you some nice charge Keys. But no This is what we do. Personal CFO program is about like I said earlier. Navigating storms. FINANCIAL storms, corrections volatility. Being able to avoid Understand, recognize, risk, serious risk. Including stuff they haven't seen before. One of the things that we talked about for years here. Conventional wisdom is poison narratives poison. So you can discern the difference between the conventional wisdom of the day. And the reality of the terrain. This is what we do, and we're here to help you get to our website at watchdog on wall street dot com Sign up for our personal C F o program. Um Can I Then we've been very consistent here on the program when it comes Cove it and how it's been handled. And we've looked at the numbers. And again we see a lot of stuff that doesn't make any sense. Oh, by the way. Oh, well, while we're on the topic, Cove, it Uh, about a month ago. Months ago, I gave blood and I got my son. I got a letter in the mail this past week from the blood center, saying that I tested positive. For the cove. It antibodies. Got it. Now what? In the letter, it says. There is significant evidence that says that you made me immune to it. But, you know, they kind of get into kind of covering their butt type stuff. So now one. Actually, even the letter didn't say anything about me donating anti bodies or anything like that which I'd be more than happy to do. How's it gonna work? How are you? This vaccines that I've yet to hear anything saying if you've had it already. You know you go to the back of the line. How is this gonna work? Anyway. I saw this. This was interesting as well. Is that despite the No lockdowns in the state of Florida, and there's no mask mandate, even though businesses on their own.

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