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And I needed pets a little bit of everything when it comes to TV, and whatever recommended I'll enjoy the game of thrones. My friend told me was it good show. And I I'm not waiting to it because everybody watched it. And then when I picked it up. I was like, okay. Maybe maybe this is for me a little bit in a game of thrones, Israel, man, I was suggest. You, you know, contained a wash that billions. There's a lot of good TV shows out there that are in attaining bring a different dimension allow you to kind of escape the day-to-day stresses in things that come with, you know, the life that we live in laws you to come in just relaxing unwind. But I read I also read one other thing that I have to bring up before we let you go with two things your mom has always preached the importance of right now your goals. So he wrote out seven goals and one of them or I think the first one is to go to the NBA. You haven't really told the public about the other six goals that you have in place. I think my question for you is something I ask all athletes, and and people will come on the podcast is the importance of speaking things into existence having a plan and being able to escape, you know, the stresses a basketball. So my question for you is you enjoy reading since you were a kid, you know, you write your goals out. And you do all those types of things. What are you looking forward to doing a post basketball it? So you. Have a ten fifteen year career. You know, what do you want to be known for how you trying to impact the game outside of basketball to make an impact? No matter what I do. Whether it's athletically or keep on around. So I've always been an advocate if you've been back, but I've also have interest in funding things about different cultures. And maybe saying around the game. I love I love to be a coach because I good personality for it. But also, I would love to do something different investing different companies. I have a broad sense of broad taste. And all if something that intrigues me, I'm going to for suet. So never had a closed mindset. But whether it's basketball or anything else how to grow as a person who has individual rent. She's as talks on earlier, but you know, other ten instruments, what is your favorite play piano for sure. Because the most is the one I practiced the most, and it's also something that's probably my fam-. My grandfather plays almost every day brother plays and overtime loose or just like languages because I'm I'm Phyllis finished. You can lose the language because you don't practice it enough. So that's why I have that keyboard on my road to deal with the down to play it every now, and again, but panels, definitely my favorite instrument Buna niche bandit chief, Dan, who we never we do have a renaissance man here who can't fluid in Spanish f you see back here. Grant, you're making us look bad. No, y'all got enough golf. That's impressive, man. But I appreciate you coming on the pot, man..

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