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He's gonna hit behind otani. Oh it's gonna get more pitches to hit especially with runners in scoring position Because they won't have to pitch around otani because you can't pitch around on to get somebody trials beyond it so that's going to help us best as well. We'll some some news. It surprised me yesterday as a big move in the national league. I assumed adam frazier would go from pittsburgh. Stay and go over to the american league and end up with chicago. White sox out of frazier did not get moved to the white sox. In fact Moved to san diego padres and it's interesting to me because these padres feel like they are making a statement like we are coming for the hardware this year. What does this do for the padres. How does it affect. What now becomes a national league arms. Race adam frazier. I mean super undervalued player. Because he's not he's not hitting mcdonagh homered that's valued in baseball right now but he leads. The league in his canadian has a twelfth. Strikeout rate average is like twenty so this is. He's an anomaly right now in this era so he's versatile too so he's the second baseman Mo- second basis here but the politics cronin were very good second baseman So adam frazier is also. He's played some outfield as well. It's gonna give doesn't some flexibility there lineup and this is a depth movement. I think this is gonna help them. Once the postseason gets here Also to get to the postseason. I think we're gonna see three playoff teams from the from the west. The issue is they wanna make a push to win the division. Because you don't want to be a one game winner take all against the dodgers or giants in that wildcard game because both teams have really good stuff. Pitchers has do as you the padres with darvish now and they have a ton of pictures as well. But you just don't want to be in a position to put your your season on the line of one game so of course they're gonna push for that all right we'll middlebrooks. Thanks so much for the time. We really appreciate this morning. Giving us the latest from the world of major league baseball. We'll talk to you later. Guys.

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