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Take on Sheffield Wednesday practicing Stanley, I suppose the segue into the next thing to do is look good also be else's press conference today, everything they need to know about Darby county just the story into some contacts. We spoke about it last week. Of course, when the Elsa and this lead United team were accused of spying on Darby ahead of the game in the championship before that mind said yet, we spied happens all the time Franklin Paul said, well, it doesn't happen in England your England now you need to abide by our rules. Laura happened a lot of talk about how they also is going to be punished today at a press conference. And there was some speculation. They all bales is going to quit. He's enough this instead. When you know what always phone every single team for Dhabi? For example. Here is everything I know about them, and he went through formations players everything. What was an extraordinary press conference? Now, a lot of people out some people, right? So Craig saying fine is not and they should duck two point four most to my understanding the gentlemen of the past involve from legion side was was neither trespassing alternative illegal in the vicinity of the training. Ground know morally, you may say is wrong. However, we have people that go and scout these teams all the time. And I for one was never ever morally outraged by this the other side of they call it in Utah Schnitt. There was the po-point presentation that bills of today was an up, and I think when he was coaching in spin Bacelona talked about attention to detail, and it was an incredible PowerPoint the tactics of almost every game. You can remember recently of Darby county probably more in their from front Lampe knows himself. So the very fact he. Bush's going to make a difference is quite incredible limited one thing. I think about this. I think the people more really outraged would have Jodi foreigner was managing Darby county that I don't think this would have made the headlines at Ha's because front piled one of the goal soco golden generation of England players in recent years was managing the opposing team and journalist. I wanted to jump in the back of this effort that been some the from France or Germany are actually whatever been brushed under the carpet. So the argument shank from those that want to see legion. I it punish is that. They've got an unfair advantage helped them to go Dhabi wherever it may be because then spine it's the right thing to do because on unfair advantage think I think it's right description for civil okay, maybe you can see in English for boar that there's this moral line in the sand that doesn't want this kind of thing. But I do. See the criminals of it, and certainly in my experience international football. This was done time and time again, it was almost accepted going in when you on foreign soil. You knew that, you know, don't do set-pieces at times because the the opponents would be would be arriving at the stadium or whatever it is. So I'm I don't see I don't I don't get the outrage giving giving my own experiences in the he said he said, we have an open of data from professional people that we pour over an attack ticks, and we doesn't, but he sends people sometimes to groans because he feels that is not actually if it was by himself because he doesn't think he's doing his job properly. If he doesn't put this little piece of the jigsaw and place and teach suggests legionnaire adult points as mazing amazing moral do good there wouldn't some of the money pouring into this game from Gibby Carrick. His own football clubs and the diving zone and the skulduggery zone to suggest this is anything other than a scouting mission. Is quite incredible. Let's get point of view on the sole Joe's. What do you make of it which side of the fence you on? With the boys. I agree with crater say when I hear people saying that they should be suspended lead. Should should not lose the game and lose the three points. I'm I'm s- might. I mean Dhabi lost again because leads prepared is so well way before someone winning another quick look training firm like Greg said a public space. It was just doing nothing wrong tulip from watching a training that could have been any joining in the world any so team any level. And yet he was there watching it like because like Muslim set in east coaching masterclass today if he doesn't do it would feel anxiety..

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