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Why get on a design to Asia? The best one wins a notion who's gonna judge liberal pass gas STA judge yet are might be nice. I. Right. Past present guest episode, sixty two we went to London we went through all of Lillo cafe in grey, straight bigshots Mace on Butto and Tanna they're helping us out, and we met with the very lovely Jacob Anderson, or you may know him as Riley Richie either way. I think you really gonna love this episode. It's funny. I spout J few days ago. Just making sure it was cold with the episode, and he said listen back to it. He's in a very different adds spice to he was why he was a few weeks ago where we recorded it. I don't wanna say too much. I think you'll understand once she listened to the episode self. It's it's very very honest. This is episode sixty two of the to show podcast with Jacob Anderson. Let's see it end. How's it going? Are you good? I'm good. I'm glad together at last hour which S four lease sex lease. So. Walk came first for you. Because this is the first time I've spoken to somebody who's got who's constantly kind of wearing to ATs and the industry. Yeah. So what came first was it the music or the acting? Israeli where I've got like this long convoluted. Contradictory origin story. In that like. Music was the first thing that was like this is what I to do for job. Yeah. And then I did like I went to like acting groups as off occasionally when nothing. Yeah. Yeah. I think are just like. It was a good way of expressing like getting spied energy out getting out. Yeah. And I'm an assault much teacher. It was kind of like I sense that I can draw. There's no desks says nothing to sleep one. Kinda slept Frisco. White yoga say say you were those years goal. I wasn't Lazier. Just I didn't feel feel engaged. I fell. Felt like it wasn't for me. It wasn't really. In a way that no one was kind of speaking to you or nothing speaking. Yeah. I think it's like the things I was really interested in already engaged with into English a lot like writing reading words, I like music by didn't like music lessons. I hate the like theory of music because you have you obeying soft policed in musical environment. You connects press what you wanted to do. Yeah. It was more stuff being forced upon you. Learn the history of baroque music, and I was I know how that relates to me. Now, I can listen to I listen to classical music, and I'm like, this is beautiful gonna put Marvin things with school. You kind of you get given context. I gave it to context about the about where you're listening to like listen to this piece of music and then analyze if five minutes and tell us why is important and why change the face of music. K fray and environment, grow and learn I suppose things you know, you saying about now you can look back on classical music, and you get something from it with oh cost things dot com from maturity is well known. Brett, would you? Did you did the the one thing for me? That was like the real two point. I guess was the I spend lunchtimes in the music block. It was like a Moscow they had had like a bit more money to put. Arts and sport. So there is this block that had like chew base your head of Cuba. Production software, but they had their keyboards. And I spend time in the media room making beats often plane most about the piano, you're you're you're at time to express yourself. Yeah. But I didn't. Basically when you have to pick your GPS's that time came about a music teacher chronic didn't want me to do music because she could tell that wasn't engaged in that kind of intellectual. Yeah. If you chose music for GCC, you got access to the music, look a lunchtime soda lost access to that space. If I hadn't done it c- gosawx played a game, a better. Yeah. Bargo in EMU's IKA. What she saw on. What you do for a living now? Yeah, we're in Bristol way. Yeah. Whereabouts. Can you tell from my strong Bristol boy? I live now not far from Bristol. I'm in Gloucestershire. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm Ness droughts for my thirty minutes from bath. And Bristol on bristles. Always struck maize considering this eight years to African of been knocking about..

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