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Big big money for Carson Wentz. Thank God that drafters over breaking all downs. He would everybody's pick Julie Foudy join us at about ten minutes. But really one of the big talker. The NFL is Carson Wentz signing that four year extension one hundred seven million guaranteed and all that basically does is set up the next quarterbacks who will then beat this record of guaranteed money, and that will probably deck Prescott, but you have deck. Who remember waiting to coat oppressing was a first rounder is only dealing with a four year deal. Not these first round quarterback stealing what they five year deal. So he looks to get done Jared Goff, and then down the road Patrick Mahomes, all are going to benefit from this cross. Whatever that happens. But right now it's Carson Wentz and I don't have a problem with this. Even though you're talking tornado. Seattle, you're talking cracked vertebrae, which I take with more issue is back because he is doing low T as unencumbered right now and he's not wearing a nearby at all. I worry about the back more than that. But I certainly understand the signing and getting this guy under contract to now know the cap number going forward to two thousand twenty four June. You some that up best, this is a very team friendly deal. I mean, look, it's great for Carson, he's gonna make what an average, twenty six million over the life of this contract, which is well below the top max dollars were getting for quarterbacks. The only risk here is Carson Wentz. Personal injury history. This goes back to college he broke his ribs in his rookie year. Of course, the twenty MC L in twenty seventeen when he would have been the MVP and last year they had to shut them down because of the stress fracture by play. It makes all the sense of the world as eagles fans and eagles ownership. You just hope that the injuries stop. Yeah. And what I think you have to kind of look at the injuries in the way they came about together, right? Like Carson Wentz came back, very early from a knee injury that we all knowledge is probably closer to a year time line. You back in eight or nine months. And so we all talk about this all the time, the bodies connected. And so when you do all these things, and you start overcompensating and you're worried about one thing, and it ends up beginning another. I think the benefit of a healthy off-season top to bottom. Carson can't be overstated in this process. And so for the eagles it just fits into team building. Because we talk about all these situation, whether it's Dak whether it's golfer, whether it's Wentz in these spots now feel to have on later pointed out a great stat about just how many of the eagles stars on offense and defense are under contract for the next three years. The Dallas Cowboys are dealing with all these contracts at once with Amari Cooper Zeke and Dak Prescott Jones Byron Jones and others. But the Rams they have done a good job. They got Todd Gurley out of the way your ago, they're going to have time to look at work on Gough right now. They got the Aaron Donald contract out of the. Way. And so how you stagger these things matters, put the Cowboys and interesting by about teams that sign quarterbacks too big numbers and where they went going all the way back to Baltimore and flacco after the Super Bowl looking at Russell Wilson for the time they had. And then they paid the money. And now you seen some of the big money, guys big name, guys, not on that team anymore. So it can have an effect, depending on a good management staff will not let that affect them. So you can't just flat out us as it because if you manage the money correctly, you can come through it on the other side and Phillies bit in a good position doing how he Roseman has done a masterful job getting this team to stay intact around Carson Wentz with this contract much in the same way GM. Chris Ballard has a great job with the colts. They have paid Andrew luck. And they find ways to built that team around him right now. I think those two have done a great, great job. Adak Prescott is looking at them and saying, one simple thing to Jerry Jones. And Jerry's gonna show it to them, by the way, let this service reminder that even if you pay your quarterback there is still plenty of money to sign other players. If you do things the right way and are competent outfit on the business side. See the colts and see the eagles coming up.

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