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A room. Or is that I? I don't remember which journalists it was started about me was somehow walked to the front gate of the agency paying them. The door said you know the torture. And they'll be don let me in. And he's given many interviews over the years. The core problem lies at the way that the current versions of the Koran and the had decent. The violence that are in that are accepted as being the true word of Allah passed down unerringly and our PC culture prevents us from challenging that in a civil case in two thousand Seventeen Mitchell and his partner and torture. Bruce Jessen were questioned in a videotaped. Deposition we were soldiers doing what we were instructed to do. This is Bruce. Jessen a former military psychologist who became a CIA contractor and his colleague. James Mitchell Any expertise in the art of interview. My God I'm a clinical psychologist interviews or what we do. They've been described as the architects of the extremely harsh interrogation program used at secret. Cia prisons after nine eleven. But that case against the two psychologists was settled Mitchell and Jessen have never faced criminal prosecution. Mitchell appeared for the first time in open court last month. He's previously admitted to personally waterboarding college Muhammad in the Guantanamo court. He sat just yards away from that. Very prisoner Margot Williams. Was there for all of it. And while there she brought her audio recorder and attended some press briefings from defense lawyers. Dr Mitchell in particular. His book talks about how he knows. Some of the requirements came from dialectic right and given the volume of requirements that came directly from the the. I you know our guests would be that he had some knowledge. Both of them had some knowledge that these were going from the FBI and there were FBI agents involved in Washington in Palm. Who were coming up with these questions for with the nine eleven investigation And that's what we want to find out is it is. How much did they know? While they were torturing these men that was attorney Alka Prod Han these briefings from the defense teams were. The only audio Margot was allowed to record to explain more about this hearing and what she sought. Camp Justice. Here is Margot Williams. I was at Guantanamo in January of this year to watch the fortieth pretrial hearing session in the trial against the nine eleven defendants who are.

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