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Yeah i'm sure there is look i don't know this is what i would say she se cup said it right there the reality is she knew who she was married a man who runs in circles where beautiful women are plenty because he has plenty of money he was a billionaire playboy that should come as no shock to any of us and before we say you're an evil sob because that very well may be true trump and the way you treated her i don't know what their life is like right i don't know what their world is like i don't know what deals were made i don't know any of those things you know did he have the same arrangement like tom jones has for those you know who tom jones you younger people out there it's not unusual to be tom jones is pretty awesome what's new pussycat that's that guy kind of as an arrangement of this wife right which was i'm tom jones when i'm in vegas doing my show and when i'm back here in wales i'm your husband i don't know what kind of arrangement and for some of these women there are arrangements out there you know exactly what you're getting and those but they're also the range says look you do what you do but do not embarrass me do not embarrass me don't do that and i think the way the media has gone about this at times too which is just losing their mind and sex sells if it bleeds it leads or sex sells social two things you can always count on they especially cnn who's been on twenty four hours today i said on it it is well you know what you have to start asking yourself certain things and when you look at poor malania in a sense of maybe she's being embarrassed out ranted she'll laugh all of us to the bank because if they were to split up she probably walking away with some some nice dollar bills yo but again we don't know what their arrangement was i'm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man like tammy wynette i'm sitting here because i love him and i respect him and i honor what.

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