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The process in black communities. Black americans are receiving co vaccinations at dramatically lower rates than whites. According to kaiser health news and florida's vaccine tracking website shows fifty eight thousand five hundred and forty. Black people have received at least one dose compared to almost seven hundred and forty nine thousand whites mistrust. Rooted and structural. Racism is one cause of the low inoculation rates. But another is access says deborah austin. She's with reach up a group. That's launch a vigorous education campaigns and vaccine drives and so that's very disconcerting to because we educated people we've been able to sail the the mistrust and the discomfort and now they just can't get the vaccine. I'm welcomes as thursday. Florida had distributed two and a half million doses of vaccines and administered about one point. Three million of them this is. Pms as an estimated two hundred thirteen thousand families in pennsylvania faced possible eviction civil rights advocates. Say prison biden's executive order extending the moratorium on evictions is a good start but congress could do more to protect tenants who fall behind on rent. Because of the pandemic the moratorium set to expire at the end of this month on fictions from federally assisted or finance properties and on for closures on federally guaranteed mortgages but the executive order extended through the end of march in thomson with the aclu says it needs to be expanded to cover alternates and for the duration of the pandemic. We also need requirements. Put in place on landlord to make sure that they are not violating these important protections he adds a congress needs to have emergency rental assistance in place before the moratorium is lifted some landlords have already challenged the constitutionality of the federal moratorium in court. I'm andrea sears. Reporting meantime the nation is at a turning point with a new push for unity. Some groups say change. Your food system is one crucial step. In addressing the device executive director of he'll food alliance navene ghana says the combination of covid nineteen. The climate crisis and political unrest has illuminated the food systems volunteer ability in times of crisis. And she explains that disinvestment from jordi black neighborhoods lack of access to land and week labor laws have fuelled equities for many of our communities where most negatively impacted by the food system That's been the case for hundreds of years. Black enter and other to both color have come under attack and have been the ones who are most exploited within our system times kind of contends. These devine's cannot be bridged. Without first dismantling policies that put profits over people in the environment. Mary sherman reporting finally. Diane are tells us we won't learning during the pandemic has meant excessive screen time for kids and maryland. Healthcare group is raising awareness to prevent too much exposure to potentially damaging blue light the light emitted from digital devices can cause serious retinal damage in children with long term exposure. According to scott edmonds with united healthcare children's eyes are still developing immorally. Light enters their retinas than adults is in addition to taking breaks edmund. Suggest teaching kids to follow what he calls the twenty twenty role to protect their is every twenty minutes. You should look off into the distance. Something twenty feet or further for twenty seconds lessens. The chance of you're going to get myopia gets away from the blue light about sixty four percent of teachers think blue light protection would improve student's attention span's this is by clifford. Four public news service members or supported heard on some of the nation's most.

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