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A kick off return plan back try to yeah yeah it's a little slow this usually if you're watching on TV it's like eight score tested a commercial break come back worse way team set the kickoff kick off great ten yards commercial break yeah right it's it's it's so loud and so brutal and I think they've tried to eliminate a lot of those those double commercials but it still happens every now and then and it really slows down the the the pace of the gate what do you guys think they sell Sant there I would see I I'm gonna guess I'm gonna guess I could be wrong I'm going to guess the D. sell things this is unnecessarily quirky and wants no part of this I think sent there might be a little bit more amenable to some of these changes in terms to the NFL am I right I'm all for evolution of any sport yeah I I think these are too far out there I think it was too much I like it for the XFL maybe it makes me to into the XFL I don't want any of these in the in a follow Santa well I I think your your intuition was correct I I like a lot of the things I think it's a good way to test it Connelly with the mind leases TNT to the to baseball it's going to test things because I mean you're either a you get rid of the kickoff and punt because they're nonsense to this point or you do something that you can either like make it more interesting without hurting safety because the XFL before was like no fair catch is near no late hits no this know that like we don't care about CD this is worrying about people's safety but also not your marginalizing kickoff and punt returns the thing that I really like though and this may be that my soccer you know love in soccer backgrounds the overtime goal with your time will closer probably to like a mix between the college rule and soccer where each team gets a position from the five yard line five times what a shoot out so the saints go they get one play from the five yard line they get in then the bills go then the same goal then the bills go then the states go and whoever has the most scores it's got interesting but kind of like a soccer shoot out but it's it's kind of a mix the queen's issued out and college yeah but how hard I mean because the end of the day like we tried so many different things we've tried first score we tried first touchdown we tried every team having possessed we tried you know what position for the twenty five yard line like in college we tried a million things and nothing seems to be right this just seems like it's more fun there's a billion soccer fans around the world why not embrace it'll what happens if it's tied after five over that and then you just do it a six one like a shoot out I think it was seven but it's not multiple places on the first and second just one play from the five yard line boom done I mean it was quick but like think that's a lot of body shuffled off the field the bills are at the five yard line they either get it or they don't well yes and no along with their offense of TS and I know what I can do is you could have the bills offense and someone went into the field and then the and the other such a go go boom boom boom you don't you don't push off on all radically that could work now you do have to defend log in to offer to jump package with a linebacker I mean you can't do that yeah there's certain our defensive tackles a full back in he's on the other end of the field but you might want to use them as a as an offensive weapon I mean that happens sure but I mean now you're looking at like the one small little whatever it yeah I mean how how many times you really see defensive player playing on offense and vice versa Mike rebel call touchdowns how William the refrigerator Perry is quite upset at the store a couple times with that does one thing for for twenty three years ago thirty three years ago we're talking about it still it's really not that common enough to be an issue that's going to be something we're gonna worry about long term bid kudos to them for creativity so we're cool summer or some very reachable only get flushed out a little bit their greed now I'm gonna watch just once yeah you know for a little bit and then I admittedly have yep watch a little bit now watch supporting will you are you saying to Tony for the for yeah then it's only you the stampede what was their name new member the nag is for is it may have been the U. S. about what I think that was US about I think San Antonio.

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