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Supreme court justice. Sandra day o'connor again. I'm quoting loosen up sandy baby. You're tight then. Promptly fell asleep on the floor on a personal note. I love john riggins he's smart. He's funny. He dances to his own steps. We'll i used to host a charity golf tournament in washington and riggins drove the beer card for us. Yeah this might be a terrible use of time machine. If i gain access to one tony but i want to go to that golf tournament and i want to go to dinner because apparently i was looking this up earlier. He didn't just fall asleep like on the floor. He fell asleep for forty five minutes and then snored through speech. I believe by president george bush. So a legend legend rigaud yes. Oh ringo's tremendous happy anniversary. Joel youngblood on this date. Thirty nine years ago. The utility man and career to sixty five hitter became the only player in major league. History to play for and get two hits. I get hits for two different teams in two different cities on the same day playing center field for the mets youngblood drove in two runs in a day game at wrigley then in mid game. He found out he'd been traded to the expos. Were playing that night in philadelphia youngblood. Left's really go to o'hare doubled back because he forgot his glove at the ballpark but made the six zero five flight to philadelphia that night at the vet young got a single from montreal. Young played fourteen seasons for five different teams. He was an all star once but he never did anything this historic and by the way. The pitchers young blood dot those hits off future hall of famers ferguson. Jenkins and steve carlton manzo. That guy. joel youngblood absolutely on the medal. Stand of young bloods alongside jack youngblood. Who played. I believe with a broken leg in the super bowl and even more impressively in the pro bowl in one thousand nine hundred and also that dean youngblood guy from that movie with rob lowe that came out when i was one year old. I think those are also and also jesse colin young and the young bloods great rock and roll group happy trails to the world record in the four hundred meter hurdles again the other day. It was the men's record today. It's the women's sydney mclaughlin edge delillah muhammad. Both americans broke the world record just as karston war home and ride benjamin had done on the same track the day before mclaughlin ran fifty one point forty six seconds breaking her own world record of fifty one point nine muhammad ran fifty one point fifty eight. You're the only woman to ever go under fifty two seconds he's two have been rivals and have been trading record and wins for two years now and they will race again in the world championships. Next july fem. Kabul of the netherlands finished third in fifty two point zero three which would have set the world record just a few weeks ago. His mclaughlin first gold medal since twenty. One muhammed one golden rio. She's thirty one now. Pablo i suppose. You want to undercut these records as he did yesterday talking about their shoes and the fast track. I appreciate you undercutting.

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