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You're listening to song explored were musicians take apart their songs and piece by piece tell the story of how they were made my name is rashiq acij away this episode is sponsored by belgium you know who they are with because they've done an incredible job connected with audiences and you can use milch up to do the same thing for you whether you need to sell products or toll story male trip makes it easy to create email campaigns the best suits you and your project bands artists small business owners you can all use belgium to step up how you connect with your audience more than fifteen million people use melchor and you should to milch unp build your brand some were staff wattage was producer beat maker jennifer lea her first album as turkey monster in two thousand ten on flying lotus's label claim feeder she's collaborative with cool keith anderson pack among others produced albal was released in october two thousand seventeen and in this episode took him oster breaks down there song didn't bob hey i'm jennifer lea inalsa go by turkey monster my parents were born in korea i was boring in the states but they had been in the us for quite a while before i was born i wanted to create a song of that falls from my routes and my cultural heritage i was going through and listening to a lot of traditional music there is a style of music hall pun saudi which is like some really old school cream folk music he what bonus plod to own is hot i'll it involves a lot of women doing this crazy orchestrated drumming that was also very performancebased and it tends to be quite sad sometimes as well booties puk thank camiel i was going through an listening to all this stuff and basically heard this woman wailing in singing over these drums and in traditional pun saudi there is this drum but it's on its side and in has a squirrel stick on one side of the stick is flat and other side of the stick as rounded the performer also uses their hand so they can create all sorts of really cool sounds and rhythms.

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