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Your microphone. Just like I'm doing now. Green fast is a big deal every year in isn't this your tenth annual? It is. Yeah. Over downtown Summerlin. So we're thankful and grateful that we're being hosted once again by downtown linen, Howard Hughes. I'll tear you downtown Summerlin could more stuff be happening. There there's crazy, but it's such a great place. Yes. We got the Golden Knights still in the NHL playoffs. So things are still going on city national arena. We had the brand new Las Vegas ballpark. Aviators David this month. Yes. Green fast is happening on Easter weekend this year, and there's going to be an Easter egg hunt downtown Summerlin doing in conjunction with Greenfield's. So it's going to be a lot of fun activities for children and family to come out and enjoy the day. Green fast Reeb charge right free admission. Yes. Ten to five so all day event is April twentieth. And there's also the farmers market that happens every Saturday as well. So attendees can come and do their shopping for healthy produce and then make their way through green fest for all the fun and exciting exhibitors, we have nearly one hundred exhibiting products services information education about the variety of sustain. Ability, topics. Green alliance actually started as Nevada energy star partners in two thousand one two thousand two thousand one. Yes. Organizations nearly twenty years, and it's grown from just that one mission to encompassing. Everything in the community for sustainability for resiliency. How do you live in the desert at that's the fun part might bring all of that together. Green fast, the common. Learn something new maybe they're super green in one area. But they're interested in their next vehicle being an electric vehicle hybrid or plug in hybrid. Or maybe they just wanted to learn how to grow their own gardens. So they have sustainability in their own home as far as healthy foods, everything that you can imagine under the sun that has to do with becoming sustainable. It's going to be there Greenfield's, and it's all free and lots of things for the kid emissions free. They'll be something that will be charged but beer. Addition to buying your own beer and buying your own food and everything else being free. You don't want to forget we have Raffelson's. So be sure and come and see us at our reliance booth. I'll be selling raffle tickets as.

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