Middecember, President Trump, Financial Markets discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod - Ep. 151 - Brian Deese


The the the dynamic between the two candidates but then the fastmoving part got so fast and so quick and so overwhelming that that you know immediately took all the oxygen out of the out of the debate of i know how frightening it was we sat in a room in middecember this we got this briefing in one by one by one these economic advisers informed the president elect the vice president elect and all of us just how deep they saw this crisis becoming and very quickly how how frightening was to be on the inside of the team when you were a assessing where the economy was going then as as a prison was about to take off the two things i remember remember the most are one we were so overwhelmed and so all out that you almost didn't have time to be frightened that that period from the tuesday night in grab park coming back in that wednesday morning and then just being out added because there were so it felt like there were so many things that were moving so quickly that just to try to keep up with what was happening in the financial markets what was happening in the auto industry what was happening in terms of the the real economy and and the budget deficits and in all of this was so it was it was moving so quickly in at that you just i spent all like every waking hour just trying to keep up i remember that in the second thing i remember is that.

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