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There's every EV we've squeezed the life out of it much like this ball python has squeezed out of my keyboard. Yes. Is it happy? How do we know if it's happy yawning a lot? Now. There's some debate among ball python fans, if the yawning is because it's sleepy or because his measuring my head to see if it could swallow me. Oh my gosh. That would make such great television about your ratings. Where Leo go right there. He's in the middle. I mean, it's not gonna kill you. But in the meantime, the clip is gonna go viral. What doesn't kill you makes you slide viral viral? That's good. You know, what that's the new YouTube generation, screw Nici. We got YouTube. What doesn't kill you makes viral what bills in Mexico viral lower the python, by the way, I started watching that fire festival documentary on net. Flicks. Wow. Oh, is it people have been raving about it? It's really good. Well. It just shows you where we've gotten to with this whole Instagram social media marketer hype machine that. It's I don't know. I haven't finished it. So I don't know if it's a con- it was a con job or just something that got out of control. But. No, oh, I was gonna say the whole thing reminds me, my mom, you know, she would always tell me some people Stacy they just have more money than sense. Yeah. And that's what I'm like. Oh, I mean, if you're just taking a lot of people got calling, you know, this was the festival just to refresh your memory from April of last year that was so ill planned that. When people got there instead of the luxury combinations and gourmet meals. They got a hurricane survivor tent and a piece of bread with butter on it. And then there was no concert at all. And there are lawsuits and all sorts of things flying back and forth. But really it's a good documentary to watch because it's a testament to our times. I mean, they market it. They did the viral marketing brilliantly. They're really good at the viral marketing, they're really bad at producing a product to match the viral marketing, and you can you can make people want something. The question is can you deliberately Z peasy? And there's this whole. The thing is is network of influencers one of the things the fire festival guys did is they promised five hundred Instagram influencers free tickets and accommodations at the festival if they would at a specific date and time all push an Instagram picture of just a orange screen and everybody did it at once with hashtag fire festival. I can't wait or something. Like that. I mean, they were really good at viral marketing. The problem was then they get to the festival, and they don't know what to do with these five hundred influencers because they're expecting tickets to a show and luxury accommodations and all they got is nothing. It was really interesting. What was also interesting. Is there a number of people who saw the fraud happening who tried to put they put up a website? They try to create a Twitter account, saying don't go, or if you go, you know, what's going on fire festival people. You've got to tell people are going to go in two weeks of this festival. There's nothing there for them. They can't they'll be stranded. All this stuff. And it was ignored. So that the the the people who were doing the, you know, the bell the ring in the alarm didn't really know how to use the the influencers in the same effective way. Doing the fest. Wasn't there wasn't a governor on it? Right. Yeah. It was really interesting, and they got they brought out twelve's female supermodels to dance around on the beach and bikinis, and they that was like a year before the event, and they use the video from that. Right up to the day before the effect has if this is what's going to happen. It was it's it's a good documentary. It's on that flex its very was also a a was a ton of con- the bid Connell turn it o two years ago. I believe in here about that. Which was a very small scale same thing. Yeah. Tana was irritated for some reason with bitcon and decided to have her own bitcon across the street got a room in like a Marriott and two people showed up..

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