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Got all right. Well this is actually pretty cool in the guys in one of the guys in Avonex slack room. Scott rowdy found this so microsoft uses this thing called code q. L. it's a semantic code analysis engine. That's part of get hub right okay. They open sourced it so in the end the ideas that you can use code q wealth to make queries to hunt for Soul solar gate activity so essentially. What you can do is you can have this thing. Where your code base and find the militias bits. Oh interesting yeah yeah. It's pretty cool. So i don't understand a whole lot of it but it is mind blowing that you know you can just imagine just checking your code in and then you know get hub says. Hey this is Or notifies you know malicious code so it's It's really cool. Yeah very interesting. And he's becoming a normal part of the pipeline. These days it seems for at softwares also looking for like accidental uses of somebody else's coat right like you don't know right pace things like don't necessarily know where sources come prime so you can trace analysis across the board just like where is this code from That whole dependency chain. Yeah yeah for sure. It's good. But i thought james would like that and Now over to you richard. What's who's talking to us today. Well considering alassio james twenty thirteen. It's very unfair to read like comments from eight nine years ago. We should anyway. Not that i wouldn't do that. But actually i found a really relevant comment for this show from adult compatriot of james's from jerry miller's from show sixteen fifty five. Just show we. Jeremy met back in october. Twenty nineteen talking about the dot net core ecosystem so that whole the what the open source community looked like there and so we talked about a lot of different things in that space. One of which was talking about non relational databases and crossed crafts comment about a year and a half old now where he says. Hey it's always interesting to hear from rockstars like miller but as a show was concentrated towards no sequel noise right. Some of the statements were converts. Wrote not will put me off a bit. Like when richard said why would it make the customer to decompose objects. Just store the object right. Of course. I think a little. Alex fair alex's i followed that with the customer store the object and then break it out into a relational database. A synchronous -ly right. After the customers already moved on the goes on to say though i understand that adding all the caveats the statements would make the show boring as a dvd worshiper inactive. No sequel developer for years. Here's my outcry. There is a serious cost associated with developing and supporting no sequel database for relational databases to Consider at least document type databases which most people mean when they say no sequel the aggregates designed for the most often operation reading data so persisting aggravates is not meant to be quick sensitive volt dated duplication maintaining reference out of the boundaries and so forth and about performance. Hey sequel is performed to the question is what are you trying to do. There are places where no sequel shines and they're also places where databases do just fine. I do like no sequel in much higher level of usage in the enterprise but modern hazy understanding of those equal obstructs adoption of the technology. You the pragmatic way as just another tool in your tool belt team. No sequel as the default option would remove the perception of it being an untouchable shrine. And get more people using it. Yeah he does reference a couple of blog posts including seven reasons not to use no sequel and the book no sequel to still by martin fowler. Which is a little stale. but it's martin fowler. You should read it. Yeah anyway. I thought it was interesting. You know our apps. We weren't firm enough on this whole in. I think the two things work together really. Well there are places where people may sense appraises where people may sense and most places where both will help you zoom time. Yup so alex. Thank you so much for your comment. A copy musical buys on its way to eun. If you'd like a copy of these go by write a comment on the website at dot net rocks dot com or on facebook were published every show and if you sit there and read on the show. I'll send you a copy music. Oh by and definitely follow us on twitter. I met carl franklin. He's at rich campbell. Send us a tweet and you know. Hurry up because times. Wasting not yeah. It's springtime get out there and play in the crocuses all right. So i'd like to introduce reintroduced james kovacs and introduced for the first time rachelle palmer so a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. James kovacs was a frequent guest on dot net rocks. He spoke at conferences wrote magazine articles and had an active twitter account. Then a career change landed him at mongo. Db where he has spent the last five years in self inflicted obscurity. I liked that. Self inflicted obscurity during that time he has.

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