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The power couples planning a second bit after the first one failed Steve Cohen's deal with the Wilpon family collapsed in a dispute over control of the team here's your W. Walmart weather channel forecasters can be heating up as we go through the week could be the eighties by Wednesday thanks for fifty seven with a few scattered clouds mostly cloudy Tuesday high of seventy five Wednesday a chance of afternoon thunderstorms as we warm up further a high back in the mid eighties I'm meteorologist parts of it from the weather channel on seven ten W. Walmart has the Dave Ramsey show continues we have sixty seven degrees and mostly cloudy skies outside of the W. O. R. tribeca I heart radio studios you're next news coming up at eleven breaking news at once start your day with when Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning six to ten tomorrow I'm Steve greenfield at seven ten WR NBC news radio station mark Simone tomorrow morning at ten now on the voice of New York seven ten W. O. R. T. H. the Dave Ramsey show.

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