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Oh, Tony Bennett's back on the line. Yeah. He he just text me. Well, let's talk them for five minutes for bringing Derek here. If I can find a big get the day after the championship. Well, that's why we're doing it. Normally, we don't take a list or like, Derek make them, wait. But. Oh, stand excited to hear him as we coach Tony Bennett on the blower. Yeah. So Virginia Cavaliers, yeah. And raiders such a story there were knocked out by sixteen see last year, right? First and only number one seed ever to lose to sixteen seat. Screw Jordan harbinger. These are the kind of stories we're talking about which is you get humiliated last year and a first time ever like one got knocked out by the by the bottom of the barrel and comeback win the whole thing here resilient this store. Right. He online something or he's not popping up still trying to get on. Well, he's he's celebrating. He's doing junkets. Well, why don't we bring Derek? And if Tony gets heated up, we'll do that. Yeah. No minutes. Okay. I'll tell you guys if you wanna watch not Taco Bell material, my stand up special. I would be ever so grateful. I think you'll enjoy it. And I think you should share it. And we just did it all ourselves. So please, I tunes or Amazon or chassis C. H A S S wine. Check it out. I don't rent it for like four dollars or something. All right. So coach, Tony bent. We have an intro firm. We had something on him. Now everyone's been talking about coach, Ben it's just just to give refresh on who. He is. All right. Cavaliers the two thousand nineteen NCAA national champions a year ago this same program. Tony Bennett Wilkin, you say suffering one of the most embarrassing Wallis's in college basketball history as the number one overall seed this time redemption gods that you know, what we made you pay a price big time for a year to every question constant about losing to a sixty seat. And we're going to reward you now at all have they rewarded toady right now. But it has resume that golden word Nashville champ, right? Let's see Tony Bennett. Okay, everybody. We're all right book Jaffe, the can Adam Corolla, you're always gonna be my power down in the black. Okay, jubilee. Yeah. Man. That's that is a big guy dunk on you. You. Tony. People didn't think you could do it your humiliated last season. And now you come back. What a what a story of redemption. It is a great story of redemption. And I swear on Oldham polish if the greatest they met would happen to me out of Corolla, and I did it lady. The children go to recruit away from the oh, I can't say that last. Calipari. Yeah. So this is even better than that duet. You did with lady Gaga. Well, that loss last year when it was tough, Adam Corolla, you know, we loved before thousand two hundred sixty seconds seat. Appalachia, latch, key collards, fire brush management, masonry, this cooking school. They won the playoff game playing game against the same. Yeah. Goes kids from this crappy. Thank gonna live sorry ever. I got a few the names of semi players Kyle guy and tiger. He took a trip. For me was that about Kyle guy. Sorry. He took a tip on a train. Maybe he put it into the playland..

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