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Continues on the second floor and he fires to a couple of classrooms. That were thank god empty. The second floor had heard what was going on while he was on the first floor. Fire alarm goes off from the exhaust from the gun because he was firing so rapidly and they start down the stairwells now. I didn't leave boy. Oh boy i knew exactly what was going on downstairs. I mean i hate to say it that way. But i but i definitely did. Everybody opens their doors. Not every classroom empties out a couple of teachers. Were like what what is going on because we had a fire drill earlier that day so we were like wait a minute. Yeah why are we having a second fire drill but people start out you know the. It's it's two twenty on valentine's day you remember a teenager. That fire alarm goes off. And you think you're getting out early man. Those kids hit the door as fast as be so he hears us incomes running up my side i would have been on the east side entrance. So he comes running up the east side entrance and starts firing down the hallway from east to west. I was across the hall from scott. Beagle okay scott. Beagle taught geometry across the hall from qin students on the third floor. Were confused when the fire alarm went off and some went into the hallway thinking they should follow fire drill protocol then. Once hearing gunfire they realized what was happening. Scott risked his life when he went into the hallway to hold the door open for them. He was shot and killed. As the gunman came onto the third floor. He runs out of bullets and has to drop clip and put one in. I mean like literally we can hear it ping in the floor in front of us right because he's near my alcove for my door my door while in one of my kids says something he goes. I think he's reloading. I'm like oh talk. Look don't say anything. He continues on the hallway. Scott beagle has already been shot and killed at this point. Meadow is still alive. Cross the hallway to try and protect a young lady. Her name is kara laughlin. he murders both of them. Executes joaquin joaquin. Oliver jamie gotten burned at this point has already been killed and is lying in a pool of her own blood in the stairwell he finishes off. Peter wang keith did put extra bullets in but the only one who didn't parish on that floor that was already wounded would have been anthony borjas. It was mass hysteria behind my door. Were you trained for you. Were you've been trained in this. I've been through a simulation before. I tell him to the corner. I ended up being a little aggressive. I said i'll give a f. If one of you gets pregnant kit. Sure a in the corn and a couple of kids will be like. That's exactly what we knew that something was going on. that's terrifying. Yeah him managed to keep all twenty five students in her class safe. A student from another class anthony borges was injured. Shot in the hallway but alive. They heard him but couldn't do anything to help cam in her students didn't know of. The shooter was out of the building or holding him hostage. She let her students texts their parents to keep things quiet. Finally at three forty pm. The police knocked on her door an ask him to open it. The students were escorted single. File down the stairs and of the building. They walk past the dead bodies of their fellow classmates and a teacher. The deceased were not removed into late that night and the next morning they had to clear out my building i because they weren't sure who to triage and then they had to bring in. Csi to start marketing bodies and stuff. Walk me through. How did the school district and the county responded the students and staff after the shooting so the alumni association for marjory stoneman. Douglas right puts together this whole like we got to help these kids. How could this possibly happen. I mean i'm not kidding. They literally took the best care of us but the way that they like could communicate with each other. Keep their posts coming forward. They used hashtag m s. Sd strong so the county picks up on that immediately. I mean they made us t shirts everything became. We are msg strong. It was part of our announcements explained. The msg strong people are like. We were trying to help. I understand that mobilizing ms ms alumni were trying to get that hashtag so that they could talk to each other. Here's my biggest problem with all of that. Is that hashtag. Really sorry. it's okay then. Hashtag normalized school shooting to the bruise lake. Nobody should normalize that. That's not normal. That's not normal running for your life. That's not normal. No kids should ever think that that like okay. 'cause people would be like will you went through something very difficult but boy. Oh boy you came out of it like a cheap when something really bad happens and everybody's like wow you're doing so great then you can't say to that person no not right like like what. What's the human response. Oh thank you so much like. i'm. I'm really trying every day like you're not allowed to fall apart like you're not allowed to gas to be human and to have because we have a stigma in our society with mental health. Something difficult no getting. Fourteen hundred on your. Sat's is difficult right walking over somebody that you just had lunch with a couple of hours ago. I just hated the fact that everybody was like. Look at these. Douglas kids man. They just got it so he handled and so the kids that were falling apart. The kids that were in my classroom crying or having a hard time or needed somebody to talk to or or started using drugs like there wasn't any attention for them. There wasn't anything left Administration kept leaning on us to get back to normal. They put up a banner outside. When i get. I get back to school the very first day. There's a horse out front with ms strong spray painted on his. They're like well. You know what no kids are. Resilient they're gonna bounce back but they're only going to bounce back if they're in their routine if they go back to the things that they're familiar with and i'm like listen dir. Grandma didn't die and hospice idiots. They were in a.

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