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It doesn't have to say anything because he's like, I own this. You know? That's what you do with that. You learn how to be a fucking criminal, buddy. Jesus. Fucking people. Hey, what's your favorite Aussie song? My favorite Aussie song. Wow. There's a couple of them. I've always liked flying high again. I've always liked, you can't kill rock and roll. I love both of those songs. Mine. Yeah, I don't know. Far and away. And it's probably his darkest song as a soloist. No more tears. That fucking yeah, great. Yeah, great. That fucking song, it's just Doc. If you listen to the lyrics, he's basically a serial killer. And he fucking kidnaps his girl and torches her terrorizes her fucking kills her. And then goes out, he goes back out, kisses the dead corpse, and then fucking, I gotta go out again, right? Now, what's that? I have to tell you, those first Aussie tours. So I was lucky enough that I actually got to see him at the orpheum with Randy Rhodes. Fantastic. And I had some buddies of mine from winthrop where we actually had kind of our annual track trek because Ozzy toward every year in the early 80s and whatnot. So after Randy rhoads was gone, we actually saw them with like Brad Gillis from night ranger and that crew. Those early tours were a fantastic Aussie was a hell of a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, I think the second time, I think the first time we saw them, if I remember correctly, motorhead was the opening act. The second time we saw them, Mötley Crüe was the opening act. Wow. Yeah. Yeah, nice. Those were those were amazing tours. Those are great. So the story behind how that song came about no more tears. The bass player was just kind of riffing around. And he hits that.

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