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KYW suburban bureau chief, Jim Melwert, Chester county. DA Tom HOGAN says Seth Weber spent twenty six years as a federal prosecutor somebody who's got a deep knowledge of environmental. Issues and is a extremely powerful prosecutor. So he is a valuable addition to our team here HOGAN announced the investigation last month after meeting with property owners affected by pipeline construction. He points to sinkholes and contaminated. Well, water in the county and an explosion along the pipeline and beaver county. We expected other people which step in the governor PUC, it'd be attorney general's office. And we haven't seen it. So at this point, we felt the need to protect Chester county, and our citizens energy transfer of the company behind the pipeline says they're confident no laws were broken, and they will defend themselves against what they call baseless accusations. At the suburban bureau, Jim Melwert, KYW NewsRadio. It's twelve thirty five in Washington. They talk they talk they talk, but still the government shutdown the president indicated that he might might work with them if they work with him. We have two reports for you this morning, we begin with Bob Costantini at the White House. The president refusing Democrats legislation to open up other closed agencies and let the department of homeland security border wolf faceoff be put off for a month. Now, we won't be opening until it's solved within a much bigger problem. The border is a much more dangerous problem at first by a reporter the president considering declaring the southern border a national emergency. Yes, I have. And I can do it if I want so you don't need congressional approval to build out. We can call national emergency because of the security of our country. Absolutely. Now, we can do it. I haven't done it may do it. I may do it for now. He wants five point six billion dollars as discussions about compromise continues for the weekend. Bob Costantini, the White House house and Senate Democratic leader spoke to reporters shortly after their White House meeting broke up we made a plea to the president once again, don't.

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