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You're listening to live coverage from abc news president trump announces he's so preen court nominee from abc news headquarters here is correspondent aaron katersky president trump nominated judge bread kavanagh to the us supreme court kevin is the embodiment of the republican legal establishment the ivy league graduate worked for the justice he would replace investigated a democratic president served a republican president and sits on the powerful dc circuit court of appeals abc news political director reclined joins us now from the supreme court where rick democrats are already rallying against this nomination we've already seen probably about a dozen democrats say that they were going to oppose this nomination no matter what abrek is a well known person in legal circles senate voted on him of course when president bush nominated him to the circuit court about a dozen years ago he's in well known at least since then but he's also been involved in some of the fiercest partisan battles of the last several decades including some of the ken starr investigations the investigation during the clinton presidency fair push knee gore virtually a who's who cases involved wreck having out some level so he is so well known with that very extensive record that's going to be the subject to some serious scrutiny in the weeks ahead he was even born inside the beltway as lived there virtually is entire life is there any surprise that president trump show somebody liked having this applies traditional this is this is exactly the kind of pick that you could imagine the president jeb bush or president ted cruz marco rubio going with a lot of ways though it speaks to the larger effort that president trump has had a friend of coopting republican legal establishment by having that list of some two dozen names of potential potential nominees including brett cavanaugh he demonstrated to the legal community he was open to their to their advice he said look he's basically a blank slate help tell us who we should include on this they woke the list and then the federal society of course was very involved in even making the final selection wittily net list so i do think president realize the potency the conservative legal establishment offers and now he'd be the beneficiary of an extensive time tried and true effort to try to confirm justice.

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