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Like how many times it hulk HOGAN say over the course of his career? Let me tell you something mean Jean. Or the iron Sheik calling him, gene. I mean, just gold. By the way, the second day of two thousand nineteen. Wiped out half of the celebrities for crying out loud. Mean they were like what like five or six people or baby got up to seven like notable people who died on January second two thousand nineteen trying to bring him buddy down meets a little weird. I'm just saying. But it also may be a new wrestling league starting up which is exciting for wrestling fans. More content is always good. Let's get a check here. It is a boy. Indianapolis up twenty one nothing on the Texans. Aw. Some just riffing off the top of my head. If Houston loses this game. Do they have to think about making a move on Bill O'Brien? If the Texans lose. Because Bob McNair. Longtime owner of the Texans has passed and I do believe his son is now in charge of the organization. And they made a move on the general manager last year to where now Bill O'Brien has a lot of stroke in that building. And look they went eleven and five I mean, it's not like. It's not like the team has hot garbage. However. We'll point you look at it and say, okay, he has gotten them as far as he can get them. I personally don't think Bill O'Brien is the issue, but in this NFL world that we live in and we have seen how the coaching searches have gone and how. How owners and GM just died in ain't happening. I mean, Arizona fired a guy after one year for crying out loud. I wonder if Houston gets beat bad if they look at it and say, maybe we need to make a move on old Billy. Oh. And by the way, I didn't see this coming from Indianapolis at all three eleven second-quarter in the up twenty one nothing in Houston to get wild card weekend underway. Talking about the wildcard talking about the college football playoff tried to get to as many views. I can Dan in Utah is next on the gresh show on CBS sports radio. Let's move on and go to Kirk in Bristol, Connecticut. Kirk your next gresh show, CBS sports radio. Are you doing what's up? Hey, let me ask you something for all the people that want in eighteen playoff or are you going to act Clemson things to go to three games? Well, yeah, problem you're gonna have nobody goes, I brand games. If things will be empty, and then network not gonna go for that. Well, the the networks already put on bowl games where there's no one there anyway. And I think and I think he would get it and come on. Well, I mean, you say it's reality. But the networks care if there's fifty thousand people in the stadium, or if it gets a ten share on TV. And you would have Alabama plane you getting a first round it'll be a joke. I went to Florida. Wait, hold on. Hold on. Why would it be a joke? If Al if UCF got a crack at Alabama because Alabama would just put two types and run the ball down her throat. They would never get the ball. Well, why didn't LSU do that? And why didn't Auburn do that last year against them? So about SEC teams, Alabama, I Alabama, but they would get thoroughly destroy UCF down. I mean, I disagree in look, thanks for the call. But Notre Dame is a big name brand. And they got thoroughly destroyed to if you're just going to sit here and bow down and go all the wind ski on Alabama. You can go right ahead and do that. That's fine. But I think you gotta you said reality of you just wanna put Alabama and the national championship game. Go right ahead and the rest of college football can just go stick their head up there. You know what? I mean, come on. What are we doing here? Trying to come up with a system that in theory could work. And maybe as we discuss this because we are workshop this idea under my scenario if you cut out a regular season game. Then maybe the make good is in a round of eight those games for the top four teams. They get to host. So turn it into a home game for Alabama for Clemson for Notre Dame and for Oklahoma. And you'd have say Georgia, go into Oklahoma or Ohio State going to Oklahoma. See what I mean? And then there, and they can come up with the distribution of money on all that stuff. But let's not try to sell it that the networks are going to be upset if the stands aren't full they put plenty of games on where there's no one in the building. But if they get a three and a half share, and they can go. And if they get a three and a half, and they get a good raining allows them to sell it at a higher price point next year. Whether the number comes in or not. So they don't care who's in the stands. Take care about how many people why in fact for some of those lower bowl games. It may even be better the people aren't going because then they're watching all across the country and giving ESPN or whomever owns those bowl games. The bump up in terms of television ratings Josh in Berkeley, California, gresh, show, CBS sports radio. Hi, josh. How's it going, man? What's up? We some info. Okay. So here's the solution. The legacy problem with college football scheduling at this point in time. Even the best, gene Joe pack a week. Non conference opponent at the beginning of their schedule. So when you get to the end of the season after the all the bowl games have been played you figured out who the national championship is you come out with the final rankings of all the teams you have the top twenty. And you take those top twenty teams and you shuffle their non conference games at the beginning of the next season. So none of them plays an unranked opponent, they all play somebody who's in the top twenty from the previous season in the process. What you do you add more losses? The records of those teams that are getting through the season with opponents that aren't that good or conferences that aren't you end up with fewer teams competing for the final four spots because they've played more good opponents, and it's easier to tell who's good. And who's not, you know, I think you're onto something there. Josh just in terms of this trying to figure out and thanks for the call. If you can get one good non conference game in my scenario for shrunk the regular season scheduled to eleven. You're playing eight everybody plays a conference games. And then you can have that. But what you would have to do in the non conference scenario. The only way you can do it to make it work is to have crossovers with certain leagues. Like, for example, if you're going to leave a date open. So that you can do something like that. Because these contracts are in place, you would have to partner up say the big ten and the big twelve. So that way you could take those teams and sort of do what they do in the NFL cross them up a little bit. Now, maybe I wouldn't do Ohio State versus Oklahoma. But what I might do is say the number one or the the the big ten champion from the year before will play say the third or the fourth team in the big twelve because I don't think you want those because they started giving advantage to the. Oklahoma's in the Ohio states of the world because they're playing someone really really good. And you're still not addressing the problem of how does Baylor get Michigan to play them? Well, you know, there names, maybe something you could talk about matchup the big ten in the big twelve. Match. Well, you'd probably have to match up the big twelve in the pack twelve just for the travel part of it. Yeah. You do Pac twelve matching with the big twelve. You can probably do the big ten matching with the ACC. And then put some of those American teams against SCC teams. But it would still end up being the big leagues crossing over and still all working together. And so you're still dealing with the blue blood element of college football. But you're thinking out loud, and I kind of liked that that's not a terrible idea. And maybe the way college basketball's done it. Maybe football can kind of do some of that as well. Lexin Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where my mum and dad live lecture on the gresh show on CBS sports radio. How are you? Hey, gresh. How are you? I caller a great show. Thank you. I want to touch 'em. That was a great idea. Just and throw it. You know, throw the top twenty and a hat and let them draw at the end of the year and let them play each other next year on the first game. That'd be pretty cool things like UCF and everybody else. So that was shot at playing a missing in Ohio State or or Alabama Clemson. But getting back to what I was gonna talk about was the Notre Dame. Everybody's I've heard a lot about, you know, Notre Dame lost that you know, they shouldn't have been there. They shouldn't have been there. They got beat. They got beat bad played a of an excellent team has a great chain. The Notre Dame was bad. They just weighed bad against a great team. And I mean, they definitely deserve to be there. They were undefeated for the year. So I just wanted to throw that in there Clinton is a great thing. So and so's Alabama. And there's a Georgia of and there's a lot of great teams out there. But you're going to you're going to have those days where just play bat, and you got the. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good reminder. And thank you, brother. I appreciate it. Don't be a stranger the gresh show here on CBS sports radio. It's a good reminder that while I as a Notre Dame hater love hooting on Notre Dame for getting their tail kicked. They were undefeated. And I think we're never going to be able to solve the schedule. Inequity problem that we have in college football. But as much as I don't like Notre Dame. I can't sit here and be someone who stumps for UCF. And then turn around and say Notre Dame didn't deserve a spot because they were undefeated. I can't I can't be intellectually dishonest with the audience and trying to pass those two things office separate but equal or equal, but separate whatever the end of the day. You just gotta find a way to be undefeated. If you can do that. Then you're in the discussion, and you're in the conversation, and for you know, like an American athletic conference. It almost doesn't matter who the team is just make sure they have a path to maybe get in. Because the one thing the the playoff is not doing it is not helping the classism in college football. Because and one of the previous callers who hates Alabama was the perfect example put you shell. Bama. They're going to get killed. I mean last time I checked you put Alabama against sold missile Miskin get killed. But at least UCF is out there winning games and try to make case to have a crack at Alabama whereas people go, oh, they'll just get killed. There's no way we can put them in there. I mean, come on. That's a nonstarter doesn't work. Indianapolis says a twenty one nothing lead over Houston and the ball late in the second quarter. This is getting pretty bad for Houston. I like Seattle tonight. The.

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