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To be productive player, I thought, I thought that that would make a lot of sense. I love Doug Peterson at the combine this year. I mean, so Philly is for those who don't know the most ruthless football market in America. Coaching there is harder than coaching in any other place because the reporters are very good at their jobs. Excellent at their jobs, but also just completely tough. Brutal and he did his first press conference of the combine this year and the first question to him as Jaguar's coach was from a Philly reporter just saying, hey, Doug, did you learn from all the mistakes you made in Philadelphia? And Super Bowl ring. He laughs and that's what he said. He's like, do you mean winning the Super Bowl? I do feel like a lot of people forget that Doug Peterson won a Super Bowl. Three years ago. He won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles after Carson Wentz. Now, was a lot of that Frank Reich, sure. I don't think there's any doubt about that. And when you removed him from the equation, stuff started to get a little slippery. But that is also, that is an organization that, for the better and for the worse, fires coaches unceremoniously. Like, I mean, they got rid of Andy Reid, chip Kelly, who, I mean, listen, I'm gonna stand on the table for this guy as long as I live. And I know it's a blind spot. I know it's a blind spot, and I will fight, but I'm gonna fight to the death, but he went like ten and 6, two years in a row, and then he got fired at 7 9. Like, this is not a bad season, or 7, I think he was 7 and 8 at the time, and then they fired him with like two weeks ago in the season. Doug Peterson got fired two years after winning the Super Bowl. And like they do keep finding good coaches, but I think Doug's going to be fine. He's going to be in a great place. He's going to have a nice tan. He's going to be he's going to be he's going to be a better man. All right, let's go on to Zach Wilson here who you can still squint and see Zach Wilson as, you know, big time treats guy and that sort of thing. The most bizarre thing for me about tackling this one a year ago was he should be a guy who plays really well out of structure, considering that the flexibility, the arm town all that stuff, and he's tended to, the longer the down went on, the more he tended to kind of meltdown is probably overstating it, but like the number of times where he sort of got outside the pocket and he's got someone open four steps in front of him and he fires it into their feet. They were just so many of those moments. And I don't know if that's just a matter of like, you know, calming down, getting used to the kind of havoc that happens on an NFL field, you know, certainly coming out of BYU where he's playing all those wide open spaces and jumping to the NFL. That was a big adjustment, but I don't know. I don't know if that's correctable. I don't know, I don't know if it's a problem or not. I don't know, I don't know what Zach Wilson's deal is. I guess is where I kind of land on this. Yeah, Zach was weird because he was building a trade sky like you said, but he didn't always obviously didn't even show up like most of the time. When he was on the field, and the weirdest place to me, and he had a lot of them here where it would be like a swing pass or a screen and just turfing it at the guy's feet. I'm like, what are you doing? That's like some peewee crap. I don't know if I can cuss on here, so I'm just not going to. Almost caught myself. Yeah, it was just bizarre, because like you said, it's still this guy with a big arm mobile, but that I feel like it only really showed out a handful of times last season. There's the play. To be Tennessee, I think, in over time, where he had a big throw at the end. That was nice. And then there was another game like later in the season where he had a big run to help the win, but just overall, I just wanted to see more flashes from him and I didn't feel like we quite got that. And even if the Jets have the situation last year where the supporting cast wasn't great, micro four, I still did a decent enough job calling plays like Mike white had success. So you would hope that the number two overall pick would be able to come and replicate some of the same things. And Mike white, the games that he played like one of them was against a colts. Their defensive coordinator just got hired by the bears to be their head coach. So, you know, it's not like he's out there cutting up against the falcons or something like that. It's a quality opponent. So I don't know, I just would like to see more production from Zack because I think he has the physical talent to do it, but they were just a lot of times to me where he looked kind of out of place. And that would be a little bit worrying to me in terms of like, all right, we know the ceiling on Zac is high, but what if the floor is a lot lower than we thought it was? It's always an interesting it's always an interesting situation when you bring in the guys private quarterbacks coach, midseason, which the jets did last year. John Beck was essentially a I don't know whatever you want to call it associates quarterbacks coach to rob cavalry's and we might see more of that, the more that these guys ingrain themselves with the players and I do think that there is something to the fact that your private quarterback coach is probably doing more for you as a player than your NFL quarterbacks coach and maybe at some point you marry those two things, but and Robert sala is a player friendly guy, but that said that the necessity to have to do that is what worried me a little bit where you're thinking, okay, this has gone far enough off the rails that were basically bringing in a guy who can translate this stuff for him or can say it in a way that he understands it. I don't know what that is. Because you've done the due diligence on him theoretically, you have all of the information that you need. Did that information not match up? You know, they've obviously they had some personnel an incredibly unfortunate situation where their quarterback coach died before the start of the season. So maybe you just needed extra people in the room. But that said, it's like, okay, where is he at? Does he understand we're trying to do here? And can he get a graduate degree in this system after year two? I think we've seen a lot of these quarterbacks take to the outside zone revolution pretty quickly. From everything that I understand about the offense, I mean, all NFL offenses are complex, but this one, it limits, there are rules, but as soon as you learn the rules, it kind of limits your decision making, right? And it's supposed to narrow stuff down for you. I don't know if that necessarily happened for Zach. Yeah, and I think one thing that I kind of understood about Zach was like, coming out of BYU, I don't know. It took a long time for things to click during during actual plays. But when all you're off to the linemen are damn near 30 years old, playing against guys in their young 20s. That's not true. Yeah, this guy's okay, not like 30 years old. But I did think the tackle that the Panthers drafted Brady Christian. I think he was like 25 year old ruby, so. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. It was like, okay, he's getting time to sit there and make these throws, but how fast is he actually like processing what's going on down the field? And I think that that's a question that I still have for him. Going into year two because I don't know. That patriots game that they played I've met life is still burned to my head where he's basically just throwing the ball straight to patriots defenders down the field. I'm like, what are you looking at dude? So I guess that's something that, obviously, you don't want to see him throwing four interceptions in the game, but I think just in general, having a better feel for what's going on. And maybe it doesn't show up in the statute, maybe it does, but that's

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