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Five. I can't remember where he was. But i'm guessing you want him in the eleventh. I want him in the eleven. I know he's got a fitness issue right now. But he's twenty one years old he just turned twenty one and when given an opportunity orlando city. Barnsley the us men's national team. He produces goals every time he's involved in a play he's making a run or the ball is at his foot. He's pressuring the defender. Get up my butts off the chair. I wanna see what's going to happen. You can't deny the physical presence. His speed the power but the intelligence that goes with it. He's such a savvy player. I don't think he gets that credit. The way he pressures defenders the way he goes about using his body how opportunistic he is look at those highlight goals. The goals of all kinds headers outside the box run timers a dribble here a feed their. He's a very intelligent player. And he's twenty one years of age and fans the prospect of a player being twenty one like this would debate exploded for the next decade. that's mouth-watering absolutely and i wonder i wonder i wonder if we're gonna see him. Make that big jump anytime soon. I speaking of big jobs. Let's make the big jump to kansas city right now. What hours that again to and our game there is ricky ortiz. Been covering the united states. Men's national team throughout the gold cup joins us now from kansas city. Ricky we're gonna we're gonna come on here. We're gonna talk soccer. we're gonna talk football. But i gotta ask you to put on your meteorologist hidenao. Now what's what's going on out there with the weather and how's it going to impact the game. Hey guys how are you. It's it's raining it's gonna rain all night The the game is still go on is going on both of them. There's no problem it's not gonna be moved like an other other cities but i'll tell you what It's raining it's fine. I'll stand in a tornado just to be with you guys right now. Hair such a pleasure. America's we gave them the extra glad hurt. We'll tell you this whether it's going to be an issue. You have to wonder how much that could play against the us. Men's national team because this is going to be a much more organized team a team is going to treat the ball a lot better martinique and if you're martinique knowing that the weather can play a factor in a defender slips or there's miscommunication or any different type of circumstances that can dirty the game Maybe tilt the gaming your favorite or more of the balancing. Your favorite that goes to martinique. Yeah definitely I i mean they. They lost bad the other day. I'm sure they want to come back. And and and have a better percentation a better show on the field. Definitely the weakest team of this group But they didn't show much. And i know they're stronger front. The coach boho talked about that. But the reality is is that this Us team is much better. I was listening to you guys. I agree with most of it That i gain. They haven't been together that much but there was a lot of positive on this team. And i'm sure that today They're going to want to go one notch higher and and this is what what they're building on to make it to the final winner. Remember they said. This is not an experiment. They're coming here to win it and they gotta go game by game and this is a a great opportunity. They need to create more situations They need to to keep the ball. More in midfield. And i think it's a great scenario rano rain so i'm looking for for Some good stuff. Going on with the united states ricky been covering the us throughout the gold cup even before the tournament began last week. You sat down with sebastian legit folks and catch that interview over on our espn fc youtube channel this weekend. Are you got a chance to speak with shaq more. Let's listen to now tonight. Interview coach Bohara toes you before kickoff. That you're starting what goes through your mind A little bit of nerves. Obviously you know three years away you kind of have those news coming in but But not the only thing. I would think just trying to take event job opportunities. Turn the kind of nervous energy into positive energy. And how satisfied would you performance against haiti Are they gonna before. But obviously you know you can always get better. You know both attacking and defending. But i think it's a good starting-point there to get better during.

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