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No model police officer officer that murdered George Floyd had I think the last we've seen in nineteen infractions on his record and multiple other officer involved shootings Rollin says the fellow officers who were there when Floyd died should be held accountable as well those three other officers that stood there and watched as Batman squeeze the life out of him did nothing we aren't going to be bystanders any longer and I believe our law enforcement is better than that I know they ARE Kevin Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston news radio problems inside the Massachusetts National Guard which has now placed a soldier on inactive status and they are now investigating claims that he posted on social media a message of that he could not wait to shoot rioters National Guard has been activated in Massachusetts for weeks to assist with the cove it nineteen response and seeking justice racial justice in America CBS news has spent the past year looking into policing in the United States and surveyed more than a hundred fifty police departments all across the country C. B. S. news correspondent Jeff to gays in Minneapolis now says law enforcement professionals feel there's much more work to be done during our year long investigation we visited departments across the country to see their training practices can you take that in Tucson we saw virtual reality de escalation firearm training in Ferguson.

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