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So Jonathan do you have a poem that you'd bless us with today. I do. Yeah. I think like just because I'm like an we've been talking about. I guess I wanna start the the poem though, we've been talking about. Oh, yeah. Yeah. As Moses in which molecules of the solvent pass through a membrane to achieve equilibrium example. I place my hands in a pool of salt. Some stays some seeps into my skin. Everything goes exactly where it's supposed to. Example, then CMRT Gomez leaves Guatemala eighteen to join her husband in California like most beings, most of his body is water on. But then she has found sixty miles from the US Mexico border a pile of clothes limbs in a puddle of wet Sam she the corpse was she the water. If is water in the desert is ground than prudential wants exactly where she was supposed to. If migration is a pipe and employment is a sponge, then potential once exactly where she was supposed to some would like to build a wall. Water always seeps through but much does not most days. Water drowns in the bed of a pickup truck clutching a seven year old daughter. Most days water is the daughter engulfed by men who are storms most days water fleas. The storm only to join other water at the bottom of a river bed drowning in an all American canal. Most days water must leave a nation that is on fire into the nation that fans the flames because most aids home is of war, even if they called it a cold, one wars, only, colds everywhere isn't fire home was the gunfire in the crossfire in the day in American-backed coup burned Prudencio village to the ground water fled up evaporated northbound and some days water survives long enough to know comfort as something other than a myth. But most states water exists just to be consumed just to be exploited just until the nation's fear. She all the communities like. Ice. I stopped everything. I stopped children on their way to work. I stops parents on the way home, I stopped loved ones from praying at hospital bed. Water leaves the eye and presents you is a small ocean on her husband's face, south stays. Sings the water its own name, son, son, leave leave everything goes exactly where it's supposed to be. Then she leads becomes a cloud, preventative becomes the rain. Thence? Yeah. Soaks the earth. The earth begets seed. They tried to bury us didn't know we were air. Didn't know we were water. Didn't know he were everything the earth would become. Reemphasise owed. We like to ask our guests for a knockout, mainly just like anything, like a poem or a movie or sandwich, or a Netflix, benge, whatever that has recently knocked you off your feet recent as in like from birth to now. Made you cry. I guess it's a slightly different question. That is different. When's the last time you saw? Tell me what you're paying looks like. Okay. I was gonna say this amazing rendition of MacBeth called Mendoza. That was like the Mexican revolution. But they write it. I wish. They were sponsored by corona and there's an ongoing boycott of chronic. So I talked about his fucked up. That's not a fun story. I saw sooner on a Saturday night. Osuna was that. Oh. This is as I understand the number one streaming artists in the world on Spotify. Is a Puerto Rican reggae Thome singer. Here's a song Cardi B Lamoriello Arianna to yet and Brown told me to go to the concert. And so she's like I need to go. You can come with me and someone and I was knocked out. I was definitely knocked out. Live musicians. There was fire. Spark. It was one of love spark. This love us. Okay. So soon as we got check this out. We're like way late. What was it about it though, so moving how joyful he was to the up there and just like generally don't go to like big pop concerts, really ally. But he was on there for a long time. There's no opener as him and like from beginning to start. It felt like he was like never ready to leave the state and just like people were going wild. And she was just like smiling and dancing the whole time. And I think like, especially in the midst of like all the shift that is happening just blocking out two hours of pure joy was something credible. Just to like see and then to like feel it myself contagious suppose beautiful..

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