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A remote seattle komo at them folk ville was happening now from abc news i'm todd add president trump back at the white house but not before helping out a fellow republican on saturday president trump hit the campaign trail in pennsylvania to support the republican candidate facing a special election just stays from now but he also plugged his own reelection campaign still two years away revealing what his slogan will be key america gray exclamation point jeep america the president urged voters to get out and vote for rex cone and reminisced about his own victory in the state in 2016 torn phelps abc news the white house merger announcement from the department of justice saturday the trump administration is proposing a federal ban on bumps stocks the devices that turned semi automatic rifles into machine guns they're used to kill fifty eight people in the las vegas massacre lawmakers an expert seem to agree any attempt by this administration to ban bomb stocks is almost certain to be challenged in court the top democrat leading the charge on the hill senator dianne feinstein says if republicans truly want to get these devices off the streets they should back legislation to do so abc's mary bruce at the white house a police standoff friday of pomona california ended with an arrest the suspect accused of shooting to police officers killing one the standoff lasted more than seventeen hours officer killed identified as 30yearold gregory casillas after saturday's arrest pomona police chief michel olivieri said because he has left his family behind to protect the community at certainly is a sad day for the pomona police department it's a sad day for our community in it's a sad day for law enforcement in general the wounded officers said to be in stable condition former trump campaign aide said numbered appeared before a grand jury friday despite threats to defy a subpoena from special counsel robert muller's russia investigation numbered told abc news he believes the russia investigation will not turn up any evidence of then candidate trump colluding with the russian.

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